Rumors – Russia to offer Su-75’s stealth technology to India

MOSCOW, ($1=72.92 Russian Rubles) – According to rumors among some Russian media, such as Aviapro, India is ready to renew its cooperation with Russia to develop a stealth fighter of the next generation of the Indian Air Force. The Russians say Moscow can provide New Delhi with the technology for the new Su-75 fighter jet.

It is rumored to be an assistance in the development of stealth technology and stealth coverage. Another rumor claims that the Indians are ready to accept Russian advice regarding the development of a motor with a controlled thrust vector. It is known that the Russians are world leaders in the high maneuverability of fighters.

This is not the first time India has “turned to Russia” for help. It is known that some time ago the Indians were ready to apply Russian knowledge in their project LCA Tejas. Also, New Delhi had an undisguised desire to renew its air arsenal with a Russian Su-57, but subsequently, it was engine problems that the Indians refused.

At this stage, what we do know is that India is simply an alleged partner of Russia in the Su-75 Checkmate program, but not a proven one. Only the United Arab Emirates seems to be the country that will assist Russia in developing this new fighter. It is known that Russia is investing billions in the development of the Su-57, which makes the new “checkmate” project only for exports with foreign financing.

More rumors…

The Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic missile could be a “tool” in a future deal between Moscow and New Delhi. Russian sources claim that the Indians are ready to buy a large quantity of the Russian Su-57 fighter if the Russians manage to adapt it for use with the BrahMos supersonic rocket, and in the future for the next generation of the same missile.

All this means that the Russian fighter of 4 ++ generation Su-57 will become this missile carrier. The signals, according to Russian sources, are that Moscow is ready to fulfill this condition. According to military advisers in Moscow, Sukhoi is already analyzing the possibility of their latest fighter being armed with BrahMos.

This news could be critical to the development of the Indian Air Force in the coming decades. It is no secret that India is working on its version of a next-generation fighter. Deepening relations between the two countries in this area would allow New Delhi easier access to Russian technology.

According to rumors among the Russian military community, there is a rumor that a similar test has been conducted. A few months ago, a video was released about the launch of a Su-57 missile, the size of which is identical to that currently being developed by BrahMos 2. However, this information has remained in the realm of assumptions and cannot be confirmed.


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