Police sniper rifle RPA Rangemaster – frightening striking accuracy

PANAGYURISHTE, ($1=1.65 Bulgarian Levas) – The RPA Rangemaster police sniper rifle was developed in 2001 by the designers of the British arms company RPA International Ltd. In 2005, the rifle began mass production.

Police sniper rifle RPA Rangemaster - frightening striking accuracy
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The RPA Rangemaster rifle was not created from scratch but is based on a very successful series of match rifles [biathlon]. RPA Rangemaster has inherited incredible accuracy from its sports ancestors.

The rifle has a classic layout. However, every detail was reconsidered. The rifle attachment is made on the principle of a floating barrel to minimize the vibrations of the barrel. RPA Rangemaster uses a sliding bolt. Although this design requires more time to reload than the bolt of an automatic or semi-automatic rifle, it significantly increases the accuracy of the fire. The butt of the RPA Rangemaster rifle is foldable for easy transport.

Like most other modern sniper rifles, the composition of the RPA Rangemaster can be adjusted to suit the specific shooter. The rifle is equipped with a convenient pistol grip. The bolt has a comfortable grip that does not slip out of the hand during recharging. We can safely say that in the development of weapons, the designers paid enough attention not only to improving the ballistic characteristics but also to the shooter. And this is quite natural because the weapon never works by itself.

The barrel of the RPA Rangemaster rifle is cold-forged. It is longitudinally milled for more efficient cooling. The rifle is also equipped with Picattini rails for mounting an optical sight and other equipment.

The standard RPA Rangemaster rifle is designed for the widespread .308 Winchester cartridge and has very good ballistic capability at distances up to 800 m.

The RPA Rangemaster rifle is available in several variants:

– RPA Rangemaster Standby – compact version with the shorter barrel. The total length of the RBA Rangemaster Standby rifle is 940 mm, the length of the barrel is 406 mm. The weight is 6.6 kg.

– RPA Rangemaster .338 – rifle with chuck for .338 Lapua Magnum [8.6 × 71 mm]. This model has a longer [711 mm] barrel; accordingly, the total length has also increased [up to 1310 mm]. Weight RPA Rangemaster .338 – 8.6 kg. The detachable box contains 5 cartridges.

– RPA Rangemaster .50 – a variant of the RPA Rangemaster rifle with a cartridge for .50 BMG [12.7 × 99 mm NATO]. This modification is designed to destroy the enemy’s equipment and material assets. Barrel length RPA Rangemaster .50 is 812 mm, total length – 1520 mm. The weight of the equipped rifle is 16.9 kg.

Technical characteristics:

Country of origin – Great Britain
Cartridge type – .308 Winchester (7.62 × 51 mm NATO)
Length – 1230 mm
Barrel length – 660 mm
Weight – 7.35 kg
Magazine capacity – 10 rounds
Sighting range – 1500 m
Maximum range – 2000 m

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