ARCAS assault rifle has an AI and interacts with everything [video]

TEL AVIV, ($1=3.20 Israeli Shekels) – Elbit Systems has announced the launch of ARCAS, an embedded computer system with artificial intelligence that interacts with sight with an electro-optical rifle, goggles for helmets, and weapon components, learned The new system should provide the fighter with intuitive real-time battlefield information, which greatly simplifies the combat mission.

ARCAS assault rifle has an AI and interacts with everything
Photo credit: Elbit System

“ARCAS is turning assault rifles into networked combat vehicles, dramatically changing the mortality and efficiency of tasks, as well as the survival of soldiers, both during the day and at night,” said Elbit Systems.

The developer claims that the ARCAS system provides infantry and special operations forces with combat capabilities that were not previously available to them.

These include passive range measurement, automatic ballistic correction, fire source detection, motion detection, cornering capability, C2 interface [command and control], navigation assistance, alien identification system, tracking of ammunition, and the ability to fire weapons without the need for combat fire.

The computer with artificial intelligence is integrated into the front handle of the assault rifle, works with innovative software and several applications.

The miniature computer unit processes data collected from the soldier’s field of vision, tactical information from C2 systems, data from other ARCAS users in the team, and information about rifle mechanics.

Combat information is provided to the soldier in the form of an intuitive image of augmented reality in the landscape, which the military sees through a sight or goggles mounted on a helmet.

The military controls the system with a joystick located at the front of the rifle, as well as with a graphical user interface.

The ARCAS system is based on an open architecture, has two configurations – with a thermal sight or with a low light sight and can interact with any existing sight.

ARCAS may also run additional third-party applications depending on the operational needs and requirements of the client.

Augmented reality goggles are entering service in the US military

In the United States, there is a program Visual Augmentation System [IVAS], which aims to improve fire control systems, or so-called. optical products, which are an integral part of the equipment of the modern soldier.

According to a number of military experts, this type of goggles will be designed for full use – training, drills and real combat operations, including security and surveillance of sites. The American edition also writes that the augmented reality goggles will be integrated into the already existing Soldier optical system. In this way, the US military will have an additional opportunity – training on pre-set military missions, playing out different scenarios and analyzing the final results for the effectiveness of training.

Military experts call augmented reality goggles also mixed reality goggles. Such an optical system is made up of an integrated display with access to digital information. In this way, the soldier has the opportunity to work with goggles to monitor what exactly is happening on the battlefield and to track the actual combat operations. Experts say that such kits also have sensors of different sizes and functionality for the processing of thermal information in low light, which in turn helps the soldier to instantly receive and process information, targets and more.

But what exactly is IVAS?

Because from the general talk of the military it is not clear the real functionality of the device, acquired experts in the field of optical and information technology and they confirmed that this is an autonomous integrated system. Ie a soldier has information with his other colleagues on the battlefield, he can understand what their actions are, even if he does not see or hear them. Ie there is communication of the digital signal itself between the soldiers. This gives an advantage to each soldier individually, because he can understand where a target is without even seeing it, work with recognizable face software and even have a built-in translator in several languages, so as to avoid future difficulties in carrying out, for example, peacekeeping operations.

All this brings a very serious advantage to the soldier. He receives information from his colleague about things he himself does not see – such as a description of a suspect, a description of an object, a building, etc. Ie when there is a convoy or movement of the company in a different tactical formation, each of the soldiers is both front and rear, or on both sides, which greatly limits the future actions of the enemy.

At the same time, the IVAS system has a hidden function and it is saving the soldier’s life. When a soldier knows the whole environment around him at a time when he is hiding from enemy fire, he can build his future actions and make a decision that will save his life, but also save the lives of his comrades. All this makes him very maneuverable, unpredictable, informed and most of all – deadly.

Augmented reality goggles in 2021

Augmented reality goggles, according to US military experts, have been tested for more than 20,000 hours before the decision was made to arm the army, and nearly 1,000 US soldiers have been involved in developing and testing the system. 2021 is expected to be a key year for the military, as these goggles will be integrated into military equipment in the same year. The Pentagon has plans to equip all special forces and melee units with similar types of augmented reality goggles, making all 58 U.S. military units.


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