Medvedev: The United States feeds the activities of ISIS

MOSCOW, ($1=73.19 Russian Rubles) – On the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev called on Washington to learn from its failed policy on combating terrorism in Afghanistan, learned

Medvedev: The United States feeds the activities of ISIS
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“The US withdrawal from Afghanistan only fuels the activity of the terrorist organization, which continues to pose a huge threat to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe,” Medvedev said.

He stressed that over 20 years the Americans “have not achieved the main goal that President George W. Bush voiced after the September 11 attacks – to defeat terrorism in Afghanistan: due to numerous US miscalculations, including in the Middle East policy, terrorists continue to operate in the country.”

“The Americans could not oppose anything to the militants of the Islamic State, who massively moved from Syria to Afghanistan. According to the intelligence services, there are now tens of thousands of IS militants and their followers in the region, a significant part of which is concentrated in the northern and eastern provinces bordering on the states of Central Asia. The leadership of the Islamic State has explicitly announced plans to extend its influence to the entire region,” the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council writes in the article. “It is impossible to perform a democratic miracle from the outside,” published in the online edition of Gazeta.

Using the example of the American presence in the United States, he emphasizes that “it is impossible to perform a democratic miracle from the outside, at the same time ridding the world of terrorism and drugs.”

“Washington has never been able to stabilize the situation in a poor, war-torn country, turn it into a modern state. The consequences of the US military presence in Afghanistan, which cost the American budget an astronomical amount, look truly catastrophic,” Medvedev writes.

In his opinion, “the West realized late that the systemic problems of Afghanistan did not have a military solution, while power in the country passed to the people whom the United States initially accused of aiding the perpetrators and inspirers of the September terrorist attacks.”

“This ‘cyclicality’ is perhaps the clearest indication of the futility of the twenty-year military mission of the Americans in Afghanistan.”

“President J. Biden nevertheless noted that the withdrawal of troops does not only mean the end of the Afghan campaign – it is about the end of the era of major military operations to reshape other countries.” a military-political presence. “After all, wherever the Americans tried to build a new statehood, they always left behind problems, not solutions,” Medvedev writes.

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council stressed that “the realities that have developed in Afghanistan due to the actions of the United States require deeply thought-out, balanced political steps.”

“Russia is undoubtedly interested in settling the intra-Afghan differences. However, this must be done by the country’s political forces themselves, which reflect the entire spectrum of its society. Our main task is to ensure not only our security but also the security of allies in the CSTO. Otherwise, the consequences of the Afghan conflict could manifest itself on the territory of states adjacent to us,” he admits.

Medvedev said that “Russia has always been ready for such work, despite its difficult relations with the West.” “Of particular importance is the deepening of cooperation between Russia and the United States in the fight against terrorism”.

However, for this, our partners need to part with the illusion of their exclusivity. Not a single nation, not a single alliance is capable of solving this problem on its own. Only together, by showing the necessary solidarity, can we eliminate this evil. “Twenty years of the failed US intervention in Afghanistan is enough time to think about it,” says Medvedev.


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