China to US: We’ll now send warships into your territorial waters

BEIJING, ($1=6.45 Chinese Yuans)“China will also ignore the US naval borders,” the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy said in a press release, has learned. According to the official statement of the authorities in Beijing, very soon Chinese warships will violate US territorial waters in response to the “provocation” by USS Benfold the day before. Thus, according to Beijing, just as the United States ignores China’s territorial waters, Beijing should do the same. reminds you that yesterday, September 8, USS Benfold entered the waters of the Meiji Reef in the South China Sea, which China claims are part of the state’s territorial waters. Beijing says it is a provocation by the United States because the Americans have not asked permission from the Chinese navy to enter the waters.

Beijing said it did not allow USS Benfold’s actions to go unnoticed and tracked the entire movement of the American ship. “More and more facts have proved that the US is the biggest risk and peace breaker for stability and peace in the region,” Air Force Senior Colonel Tian Junli said.

However, Beijing’s statement today can only remain on paper. In the past, Beijing has made similar statements as well. However, there are vein experts who find firmness in the ton from Beijing and suggest that at some point Chinese ships may indeed find themselves at the “gates” of the United States. However, conflict is very unlikely to occur. Currently, the great powers use only the “provocation” tactic to assess the backlash.

Something that happened earlier this year in the waters of the Black Sea and HMS Defender. Then the British decided to enter the territorial waters of Crimea, considered by Russia to be Russian territorial waters, after the “annexation” of Crimea to the Russian Federation. A warning shot was fired from a Russian frigate in the direction of the British ship. Authorities in Britain and the United States tried to deceive the public by saying there was no warning shot. It was later revealed that a British journalist was on board the HMS Defender, who confirmed the hostility of the Russians. Russia’s Defense Ministry released a video of the warning shot a few hours later.

The United States does not recognize the area around the Meiji Reef in the South China Sea as Chinese territorial waters. There are often US warships and allies in the region near these waters. However, the state-run Global Times news agency quoted a Chinese military official as saying that China always monitors these waters and is ready to protect them by using military force.


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