US and Ukraine signed a strategic framework against Russian aggression

WASHINGTON – The United States and Ukraine, through their defense ministers, have signed a joint strategic framework for defense against Russian aggression against Ukraine, has learned. The document was distributed through the website of the US Department of Defense.

According to the signed strategic framework, the United States and Ukraine are committed to following several priorities by the end of 2026. Defense reform, focusing on Ukraine’s accession to NATO, training programs, deepening Ukraine-US cooperation in the Black Sea, countering cyberattacks, intelligence, and joint military operations and exercises are some of the goals the two countries set for themselves for implementation.

The United States and Ukraine agree to follow the principles of shared bilateral defense priorities, a commitment to democratic values, and Ukraine’s right to determine for itself the path it will take in the future. Through this document, the United States once again condemns Russia’s aggression and occupation of Crimea, reaffirming its unwavering support for the sovereign and territorial values ​​of the European state.

The two countries have concluded that together, but with the help of the United States, they must go a long way to cooperation that will increase Ukraine’s military capabilities. It is not clear whether this cooperation will be expressed in official supplies of weapons and weapons systems, but it is clear that one way or another the United States will support Ukraine against Russian anti-Ukrainian actions.

The bilateral defense framework also says that Washington will not interfere in Ukraine’s foreign policy and will respect Kyiv’s right to choose the direction of its political beliefs, including the desire of Ukrainians to become part of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The document was signed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Defense Minister Andrii Taran and is dated August 31st. It also says that everything described and each action depends on the available forces, resources, funding, and authorization. reminds you that earlier in the year Moscow accused Washington [and NATO] of secretly supplying weapons to the Ukrainian authorities under the guise of military exercises in the Black Sea. also reminded you that on August 28 the US President Joseph Biden has ordered $ 60 million in financial assistance to Ukraine for defense from the Pentagon. This is stated in the memorandum signed by Biden on August 27.

“With my inherent powers under the United States Constitution, I delegate to the Secretary of State the power to allocate up to $ 60 million for defense products and services to the Department of Defense, as well as for military education and training to assist Ukraine,” Biden said.


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