What is the US hiding? Did they kill an IS-K terrorist at all?

WASHINGTON – Late last night, the Pentagon and all the world’s media spread the news that the United States has responded to the terrorist attacks of Thursday, August 26, by carrying out a drone attack and killing a terrorist involved in planning the attacks.

We remind you that on Thursday, suicide bombings around Kabul airport killed 170 people, including 13 US Marines, and injured hundreds more. The ISIL-K terrorist group, which is an inactive conflict with both the West and the Taliban, has officially claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“US military forces conducted an over-the-horizon counterterrorism operation today against an ISIS-K planner. The unmanned airstrike occurred in the Nangahar province of Afghanistan. Initial indications are that we killed the target. We know of no civilian casualties,” Capt. Bill Urban, the spokesman for the US Central Command, said in a written statement.

This message was well-received by the general public, it spread like a virus in the media, but one question did not get its answer – who is the terrorist killed? Of course, we can say that this is not mentioned for security reasons, but it does not make sense. In recent years, we have witnessed how, after the elimination of a terrorist or scientist, the United States, Israel, Russia, France, Germany, and other countries announced the name of the murdered to ensure to the world that the work is done.

There is no name this time. Is it because it is not exactly as it is presented to us by the Pentagon? Why is the name of the killed terrorist from the terrorist group ISIL-K not mentioned?

This question is logical and as the domino effect raises other similar questions, such as: was there a drone attack, does the US know who killed, can they prove it, how do they guarantee that they killed a terrorist involved in the planning of the August 26 terrorist attacks, without disclosing his name, whether he was high in the ISIL-K hierarchy and dozens of other issues that could be interpreted differently.

To ask such a question, we have the following logic – if they knew where to strike the Americans with an air attack by drone, this suggests that there was information which particular terrorist or group of terrorists were located in the area of attack. I.e. if they knew the name of the particular terrorist who was involved in the attacks, that he would be in the strike zone at that moment, why didn’t they say his name, claiming that the attack was successful and he was eliminated?

We are not claiming that there was no attack, that no terrorist was killed. We trust the US military and believe their word. However, in recent years, and especially in recent months, we have witnessed military operations that did not go exactly according to plan. History remembers dozens of military operations that claimed one at first but later turned out not to be true.

Just to remind you: during the rocket war this year between Israel and Hamas, the Israelis not only said which buildings had hit Gaza but also listed by name the Hamas leaders who had been killed.

Today, the United States does not say that name. Was there a terrorist assassination, or was it just a military drone operation that did not guarantee it was successful?

If today or in the coming days the Pentagon provides information about the killed terrorist, we will update this article with the latest information.


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