In case of war – the US Coast Guard with LRASM cruise missiles

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is developing a new strategy to use its “problem” LCS-class ships in the event of a “big war” against China in the Pacific, learned The US Navy is preparing for hostilities against China in the Pacific, and also against the Russian Navy in European waters.

In case of war - the US Coast Guard with LRASM cruise missiles
Photo credit: US Navy

An element of such training may be the appropriate re-equipment of all LCS-class warships, also known as “coastal warships“, to act as a floating battery of cruise missiles or transport to deliver small units of marines. This is stated in the publication of the portal USNI News.

The authors of the portal reason as follows. In the past two decades, the US Navy has relied more on “demonstrating a presence” in sensitive regions.

The fruit of this “pond” was the same LCS-class ships – on the one hand, they are large enough to have sufficient seaworthiness in all waters of the oceans, on the other hand – their weapons were at the level of small patrol ships.

When China and Russia took active aggressive action in the world’s oceans, American sailors discovered the unpleasant thing that they simply did not have enough fleet to demonstrate their superiority over their enemies.

Therefore, even on LCS-class ships, plans had to be made as full-fledged combat units, even despite chronic problems with power plants on such ships.

At the same time, according to the authors of USNI News, the US Navy could use LCS-class ships as mobile platforms for fire support and landing of small units of marines, based on the experience of World War II.

It is worth making such notes here. Regardless of the level of realism expressed in this publication by USNI News, the mode of judgment itself is entirely in the spirit of the current US naval strategy, in which the Marine Corps is “transferred” from Abrams tanks to NEMESIS unmanned anti-ship systems. The US Marines are now more focused on how to destroy the enemy at sea than on how to destroy the enemy on land.

In turn, if the above plans for LCS ships are implemented, the US military will be able to solve problems not only “strategic” but also “technological” in nature.

We are talking about the possible construction of frigates of the MMSC project, which in turn are based on the project of the “coastal warship” LCS type USS Freedom. According to Defense Express, this type of ship in May this year, the American Lockheed offered to put for the Greek Navy.


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