Afghanistan: Russia is not a factor, the resistance has killed 300 Taliban

KABUL, ($1= 86.02 Afghan Afghani) – Under the leadership of local resistance leaders Ahmad Masood and Amrulah Saleh, an ambush was organized in the Afghan province of Baglan on the way of the Taliban movement. According to preliminary data, the resistance killed 300 fighters, BBC journalist Yalda Hakim said on her Twitter page.

“Update from the Anti-Taliban resistance – they tell me: Taliban ambushed in Andarab of Baghlan province. At least 300 Taliban fighters were killed,” Hakim wrote.

The journalist also published photos of the Taliban captured during the ambush. Meanwhile, RIA Novosti reported, citing an informed source, that Taliban fighters had regained control of three areas of Baglan province.

“Currently, no place in Baglan is under the control of the resistance forces,” the source said. As the agency notes, at present only Panjshir resistance can be attributed to the only organized focus of the confrontation with the Taliban.

Earlier, the leader of the Afghan resistance refused to hand over Panjshir to the Taliban.

On August 15, the radical Taliban movement announced the establishment of control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. The Taliban also controls the country’s capital, Kabul. Thousands of people hid at the capital’s airport, trying to get out of the country. recalls that a representative of the Taliban’s political service visited the Russian embassy in Kabul on Saturday, August 21 and handed over a proposal for a political agreement to the Panjshir authorities, Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Dmitry Zhirnov said.

“Today we had a representative of the Taliban’s political service at the embassy and he asked to send a political signal to the people of Panjshir,” Zhirnov told Soloviev’s live channel on Youtube.

“They asked Russia to convey the following to the leaders and people of Panjshir: so far the Taliban have not attempted to enter Panjshir by force, the group is counting on finding a peaceful way to resolve the situation, for example by reaching a political agreement,” he added.

According to the ambassador, the statement noted that the Taliban “do not want bloodshed and are in the mood for dialogue.” Zhirnov added that such a statement suggested that the Taliban wanted to resolve the situation “in a more civilized way” than Amrulah Saleh, who was Afghanistan’s vice president under Ashraf Ghani.

Ahmad Massoud wants weapons from the US

Opponents of the Taliban asked the United States and the West to supply weapons and equipment to fight the Taliban movement that seized power in the country, learned citing The Washington Post.

“We need more weapons, more ammunition, and more equipment. America and its democratic allies do more than just fighting terrorism with Afghans. We have a long history of shared ideals and struggles. There is still much you can do to help the cause of freedom. You are our only remaining hope,” wrote Ahmad Masood, who currently leads the resistance forces in the non-Taliban province of Panjshir, to The Washington Post.

He is the son of the head of the Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Massoud, who also opposed the Taliban and was killed by al-Qaeda.

Ahad Masoud said his troops were joined by the forces of former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, Afghan regular army soldiers “who were outraged at the surrender of their commanders,” the Afghan special forces.

Masoud said that his fighters have a certain stock of weapons and ammunition, “which we have patiently collected since my father’s time because we knew that this day might come.” He assured that he and his fighters would “defend Panjshir as the last bastion of Afghan freedom.”

“But this is not enough. our friends in the West will not find a way to provide for us without delay,” he writes, adding that “he begs the friends of Afghanistan to intercede” for them.

Massoud stressed: “The Taliban is not a problem only for the Afghan people. Under the control of the Taliban, Afghanistan will no doubt become the epicenter of radical Islamist terrorism; here again, plots against democracies will be hatched.”


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