Trump: Be ready to go back to Afghanistan, Russia is already doing it

WASHINGTON – Former US President Donald Trump has called on the US military to be ready to return to Afghanistan and blamed incumbent President Joe Biden for the defeat, Reuters reported.

“We have to go in, we have to do it when it’s right. And now we may be forced to enter because this man who rules our country has made the terrible decision to withdraw our entire powerful army. We may be forced to enter. We may not do it, but we may do it. “If you’re not ready to come in, you’ll never see those 45,000 people again,” Trump said at a rally of his supporters in Alabama.

In addition, the former US president said that the number of American citizens in Afghanistan significantly exceeds the number he calls Joe Biden.

“If they don’t think you’re ready to come in, you’ll never see them, whether they’re 10,000 or 45,” Trump said.

Donald Trump said Russia would “return” to Afghanistan. He said this at a rally in Alabama. He said the United States would have to return to Afghanistan “when the time is right.”

“All you have to do is ask Russia what they think. I heard they will be back now, take your time. “Everyone who came in was not feeling well,” Trump said.

Donald Trump considers what is happening to be “the greatest military humiliation in US history.” He said Washington was leaving $ 83 billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan.

NATO countries have been withdrawing troops from Afghanistan since the spring. Against this background, the Taliban seized power in the country. On August 15, the Taliban captured Kabul without a fight, evacuating foreigners and Afghans who did not agree to a change of government.

Moscow deployed bombers

Is Russia preparing to strike Afghanistan? Many Russian journalists are asking such questions after sources on the Russian website Aviapro noticed the deployment of Tu-22M3 bombers on the border with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, or Turkmenistan. reminds us that in the last month the Russian Federation carried out a series of exercises near the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. In addition to bombers, the Russian Federation sent thousands of troops, heavily armored vehicles, and support equipment during military exercises.

Russian experts note that the Tu-22M3 long-range bombers remained at their bases in Tajikistan after the exercise, and new ones were wintered at the bases of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan. According to military experts, although negotiations are currently underway between the Russian embassy in Kabul and the Taliban, Moscow does not rule out the possibility of bombing the border with Afghanistan if the Taliban violate Russia’s “good tone.”

Other analysts say the deployment of the bombers, in addition to a preventive and precautionary measure, is intended to protect the Tajiks, as they have been of interest to the Taliban in the past. We remind you that almost three weeks ago a meeting was held in Moscow between Russians and Taliban, at which the Taliban promised: “not to tease Tajikistan.”

Although the Taliban have shown no interest in attacking neighboring countries, the Russian military is ready to attack fighters using military aircraft at the first request of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, or Turkmenistan.

“Taliban terrorists have come to power in Afghanistan, but that does not mean that Russia’s position has changed in any way about this terrorist movement. “Any attack on Russian allies in the region will lead to immediate strikes, and if it is necessary to destroy a hundred fighters, a hundred will be destroyed, if we are talking about thousands of terrorists, thousands will be destroyed,” said a Russian specialist of Aviapro.

It should be noted that the Taliban are also likely to be aware of Russia’s position and therefore do not undertake any provocations, actively using negotiations with the Russian side.

Does Biden read intelligence reports?

Another lie told by US President Joe Biden about Afghanistan and al-Qaeda in the country was told by him on Friday, August 20, 2021. Biden again defended the correctness of his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, saying that the United States had complied. their Afghan mission by eliminating al Qaeda.

“Look, let’s put this in perspective. What interest do we have in Afghanistan at a time when al Qaeda is gone? We went to Afghanistan with the clear goal of getting rid of al Qaeda and also eliminating Osama bin Laden. And we did.” said the president.

However, Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby later denied the president’s statement, telling a news briefing: “We know that al Qaeda, like ISIS, is present in Afghanistan and we have talked about it for a long time.” According to Kirby, the United States believes that the number of al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan is not “too large, although we do not have accurate data.” However, his statement raises the following question: Does the Pentagon still have a high capacity to gather intelligence on the ground?

Asked to explain Joe Biden’s statement, Kirby said he said: “the level of al-Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan is significant enough to worry the United States.”

Three days ago, published an analysis of the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power. In it, we mentioned a statement days earlier by French President Emmanuel Macron, who, with intelligence and NATO intelligence, confirmed that al-Qaeda had returned to Afghanistan. “Terrorist groups are present in Afghanistan and will seek to profit from the destabilization. The United Nations Security Council will therefore have to provide a responsible and united response,” Macron said.


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