Micro-optics in a bullet make the American sniper ruthless

WASHINGTON – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] is developing a new precision C4ISR technology that will help future US special forces, and more specifically their snipers, become completely ruthless towards the enemy. It is a targeting bullet fired by the soldier’s sniper rifle.

Currently, DARPA reveals only the name of the technology – EXACTO, or Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance bullets, which will be .50 caliber. Information from other American sites specializing in military equipment, including advances in the development of sniper rifles, provides more clarity.

According to these sites, DARPA researchers have been able to integrate optical sensors in the bullet’s nose and fins capable of adjusting the bullet’s flight path in the tail. This means that these .50 caliber sniper bullets will be based on the principle of targeting some missiles used by the Americans, namely by using laser targeting. BulgarianMilitary.com reminds you that similar missiles are Maverick and Hellfire. The technology, which is integrated into the new .50 caliber bullets, allows you to make some adjustments in your trajectory to reach your target after playing a shot.

DARPA experts explain that this new technology will help a lot in hitting targets that move as soon as the sniper fires a shot. At the same time, however, there are drawbacks to this type of ammunition, such as the laser targeting itself. One drawback is that the target and the people around it can see the laser because it is visible. Another disadvantage is the rather large power supply, as we know that an obvious sniper can spend hours undercover while firing a shot.

These shortcomings will be overcome in the future, DARPA said. But the new .50 caliber bullet allows snipers to increase their accuracy, which will lead to high accuracy for every single bullet fired.

BulgarianMilitary.com reminds you that the work of a sniper is quite difficult and he must take into account many side factors before and during the reproduction of a shot, such as weather conditions including wind, rain, visibility. Mathematics plays too big a role in the work of a sniper, who must not only calculate the previous factors but also include in the equation the decreasing speed of the bullet as soon as he leaves the target. We know that gravity affects speed, and the farther the target is, the harder the precision shot.

However, EXACTO will try to eliminate at least the last factor influencing the shot – precision. Since 2014, DARPA has been working in this field. Sources say that even if more progress is made, the price of the future product may be too high.


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