Turkey will seek understanding with Afghanistan – Erdogan

ANKARA, ($1= 8.52 Turkish Liras) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country will seek understanding with Afghanistan, despite the Taliban and their control of the country, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing Turkish news agency Anadolu.

“A Taliban spokesman said Turkey is a friend of Afghanistan, but they do not want any foreign force in Afghanistan. Do you consider these two allegations incompatible?” Erdogan was asked by a journalist. On the issue, he recalled that as a NATO country, they are doing everything possible for the stability of this country by participating in the NATO mission for strong support in Afghanistan.

Saying they support Afghanistan for a much brighter future, Erdogan said he was working to help the country face through official and non-governmental organizations, as well as contribute to the security of Hamid Karzai Airport.

The Turkish president recalled that Turkey has made significant investments and expenditures in Afghanistan over the years. “We are still doing it and some signs of what we will do in the future are obvious. We have businessmen there at the moment. They are continuing the investment process”.

Erdogan also said the goal of Turkish troops in Afghanistan is to contribute to the country’s security, while also ensuring the smooth movement and security of Kabul airport.

“This intention remains. Turkey’s military presence in Afghanistan will strengthen the hand of the new administration on the international stage and will also facilitate its work. The issue is above all to reach an understanding with the Afghan authorities. We can talk about different options. We can resolve this. with a bilateral agreement, for example, as in Libya, it could be the Taliban, it could be the current administration as before, we have friendship with all of them, this includes Abdullah Abdullah is still in the same shape The president who left his country is one of them. “That is why we have never parted, we have never parted. Our friends who are currently on the other side are also among them. For example, like the son of Burhanuddin Rabbani. Negotiations with them have always continued and continue,” he said.

Erdogan stressed that before the Taliban took over the country, Turkey had made some progress in its talks with other countries on Afghanistan. The Turkish president stressed that Turkey is making plans for co-operation with Afghanistan in line with the new picture and realities in the country.

The Turkish president did not fail to speak on the topic of refugees, illegal migration, and the security of his country.

“We are making great efforts to increase this efficiency in the fight against illegal migration. We have introduced various measures to strengthen our border security. We have 4 provinces on our border with Iran, Agri, Hakkari, Igdir, and Van. Currently, 157 border wall kilometers are completed, we will complete everything. The construction of the firewall will continue along the rest of the border.”

Saying that border work is being done not only to prevent the illegal entry of immigrants but also against terrorism, Erdogan said there is also 1 meter of barbed wire on the 3-meter-high concrete blocks that make up these walls.


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