Second Russian plane crashed in a week, this time a MiG-29

MOSCOW, ($1= 74.06 Russian Rubles) – The fighter of the Russian Air and Space Forces crashed in the region of Astrakhan during a training flight. This was announced by the press service of the Southern Military District. Earlier this week, a prototype IL-112V transport plane crashed in Russia.

The incident happened during the planned flight of the fighter without ammunition. It is currently known that the plane crashed in a deserted place on the territory of the Ashuluk landfill. The fighter pilot was killed. The causes of the crash have not yet been announced, and a commission from the Russian Air Force Command has been sent to the scene.

This is the second time in a week that the Russian Federation has lost a military aircraft: earlier Defense Express reported that a prototype of the military transport aircraft IL-112B crashed on August 17, 2021 – in the crash of the aircraft engine caught fire. reminds you that at the end of 2019 the MiG-29M crashed again, but this time of the Egyptian Air Force. Then the pilot managed to eject.

Egyptian media claimed that the crash happened again after a training flight. Russia has said that the probable cause of the crash could be technical malfunctions in the integrated control system for the actions of a fighter or pilot.

MiG-29 fighter, but this time the Bulgarian Air Force crashed in early June during a night exercise. Biological remains were found in the Black Sea, which was the reason for the Bulgarian state to declare the pilot dead. The fighter crashed into the waters of the Black Sea. The Bulgarian authorities managed to find the black box, but for the second month, they do not know what to do with it.

On July 31 a Russian Su-35 multi-role fighter of the Russian Air Force crashed in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk during an exercise in the Eastern Military District in the Khabarovsk region.

According to a press release, the fighter’s engine failed during a training flight. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation says that the pilot managed to eject and was immediately found by the group for locating and searching. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, a working group has been appointed to investigate the incident. More information is not provided.

Some Russian experts dispute the claim that the Russian fighter had a damaged engine. According to them, a fire broke out in the tail of the fighter, during which the pilot received permission to eject. They base their claim on the fact that the Su-35 is a twin-engine fighter and if one engine fails, the other will continue to operate.

The Russian news agency claims on the same day that a Su-35 fighter jet of the Chinese Air Force also crashed in China. So far, there is no official statement from the Chinese authorities about such an incident, but according to eyewitnesses quoted by Aviapro, the fighter was engulfed in flames.


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