Russian engine in the Turkish TF-X fighter? It’s possible!

ANKARA, ($1=8.46 Turkish Liras) – Turkey may receive full technological support from Russia to complete the development and production of the prototype of the Turkish fifth-generation TF-X fighter. In addition to Russian technology, Moscow is ready to offer its engine to power the fighter.

In this tone and direction was the comment of the head of the state corporation Rostek Sergey Chemezov. He did it in front of Russian journalists. According to him, the two Russian Su-57 and Su-75 fighters open new opportunities for cooperation for Ankara.

“We are always open to dialogue with our partners. If Turkey shows interest, we are ready to cooperate in this direction. We know that Turkey intends to implement a project to produce its fifth-generation TF-X fighter. “Having aviation systems and experience in their development and production, we can consider the possibility of supporting the creation of a new Turkish fighter jet,” Chemezov concluded.

Turkey has been part of the US fifth-generation F-35 fighter program for many years. Last year, however, the Turks were expelled from the program after buying S-400 air defense systems from Russia. This action led to a second response from the United States – the imposition of economic sanctions, a practice often used by Washington as an economic lever “for extortion”.

In addition to the United States, European countries have joined in imposing a kind of arms embargo. Thus, Ankara was faced with the impossibility of completing some of its military orders to partners, as it uses certain elements or whole energy solutions (engines) from foreign companies. Ukraine came to the rescue, starting to sell engines to the Turks, mostly for their Atak-2 helicopter. Ukraine and Turkey continue to work together on the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone destined for the Ukrainian market.

Compared to Turkey, Russia is gaining experience in the field of fifth-generation stealth fighters. It is quite possible and logical at one stage of their partnership for both parties to agree to share this experience. A similar statement has already been mentioned among Turkish military experts.

“Obviously, Turkey will not allow Russian developers to create a fighter jet for the Turkish Air Force, but without an engine, such a fighter simply cannot be built and here Russia is the main ally of the Turkish side,” one of them was quoted as saying by Russian media Aviapro.

There is no official comment from the Turkish leaders yet, but we remind you that some time ago Ankara mentioned Russia as a real opportunity to join the Turkish TF-X project. This message is not unusual, but in no way confirms Russia’s involvement. Something like the latest Russian air defense system S-500 – Turkey wants to participate in its development together with Russia, but Moscow has not yet given its consent.

However, Turkey has not abandoned its fifth-generation fighter project. Despite problems with the engine and others that accompany its production, Ankara is working on future armaments. It has recently become clear that Turkey is developing a new missile that should hit the enemy’s radar stations. The missile is called “Vulture” (in Turkish Akbaba) and is an anti-radiation missile. This missile will replace the American AGM-88 HARM, already used by the Turks, which is a high-speed missile and fights the enemy’s radar stations. According to unconfirmed information, the missile will have a distinctive design, AESA radar, passive RF head.


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