Shame! Bulgarian police of GERB kidnap, strip, and beat [video]

SOFIA, BM, ($1=1.66 Bulgarian Levas) – On August 13, the parliamentary commission investigating police violence against protesters against GERB’s Borisov Government on July 10, 2020, showed the public horrific footage of police violence, sexism, disrespect for human rights, and violations of a host of Bulgarian laws.

Lawyer Nikolai Hadjigenov, who also took part in the protests, received the video just two days before the commission’s meeting but had suspicions of its existence. The footage was received on Thursday evening, August 12, and the caretaker Interior Minister indicated Hadjigenov’s full assistance, appointing two completely independent investigators to search for and find the footage.

There has been a suspicion of their existence for a year, as the area where the events took place is being monitored by cameras of the National Security Service. Until August 12, this video did not exist among the general public. They were first hidden by the National Security Service, after which they were found in someone’s drawer at the Ministry of Interior.

The footage shows how on July 10, 2020, in the area around the Council of Ministers building and guarded by the National Security Service, police officers sent to monitor public order during the protests pulled protesters from the crowd, dragged them behind the columns, chained them with handcuffs, beat them, undress them, take pictures of them, kick them, throw them at each other without a drop of hesitation and in violation of half of the Bulgarian law.

A few weeks later after this protest, the Minister of Interior, a member of the pro-communist GERB party, Mladen Marinov, came to the parliamentary rostrum and most brazenly, irresponsibly and without a drop of officer honor lied to the deputies and the Bulgarian people that “I did not see police officers beating peaceful protesting citizens. I saw beaten police officers.” These words were followed by loud applause from his GERB party. Yesterday, however, the same party with almost the same deputies as then conveniently in front of its voters pretended not to remember and called for an investigation and for the police to be punished.

In line with his statement in 2020, the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria Ivan Geshev [who has not yet proved that he has a legitimate law degree, but graduated from a communist police school] saw no reason to initiate proceedings against police violence.

Yesterday, lawyer Nikolai Hadjigenov said that “the footage shows a uniformed officer with a helmet stepping on the head of one of the children. If these people were prisoners of war, such treatment of them would be a violation of the Geneva Convention.”

However, there is still no comment from the leader of the GERB party Boyko Borisov, who otherwise 2020 congratulated Mladen Marinov for a job well done. We remind you that Boyko Borissov is a former member of the Communist Party, who participated in the revival process in the late ’80s in Bulgaria [eviction of Turks from Bulgaria], then associated with the mafia structure SIC, private security guard, Secretary-General of the Interior, Mayor of Sofia and three times Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Last year, anonymous photographs taken at his house revealed that he had thousands of euros, gold bars, and a pistol in his drawers. Audio recordings were also published accusing Borissov not only of his speech illiteracy but also of mocking and insulting his colleagues, journalists, or European leaders. The same Boyko Borissov that Frau Merkel hugged and kissed, but neither she nor the whole of Europe dared to criticize corruption in Bulgaria until the United States decided to disclose for now at least three Bulgarians in strong corruption dependence under the Magnitsky Act.

After the publication yesterday of the video footage accusing Bulgarian police officers of violating Article 3, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Law on the Ministry of Interior, which states that the Bulgarian police must respect and guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens and their dignity, we ask, both Bulgarian and European leaders the following issues:

1. Will the responsible persons from the National Investigation Service, who did not provide the video footage during the investigation in 2020, be held liable for violating the Bulgarian legislation by obstructing the investigation?

2. Will the responsible persons from the structures of the Ministry of Interior, who hid this personnel and did not provide them to the investigation, be held responsible for violating the Bulgarian legislation by obstructing the investigation?

3. Will the former Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov, who deliberately failed the investigation of violated police rights during the protests on July 10, 2020, be brought under personal responsibility?

4. Until when will the European funding under various programs be carried out without enhanced international and on-the-spot control over the spending of funds, to prevent the strong corrupt practice in Bulgaria?

5. How long will the EU turn a blind eye to the violation of human rights, freedoms, and dignity of Bulgarian citizens committed by the police structures in Bulgaria, and at the same time be active in violating human rights in other European countries, such as Hungary?


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