Russia is developing the Su-57 Megapolis and plans to produce it

MOSCOW, BM, ($1=73.48 Russian Rubles) – According to unconfirmed information, but from a TASS source from the Russian industrial-military complex, Moscow has started developing an upgraded version of the Su-57, which is under the Megapolis project signed between the Russian government and Sukhoi corporation in 2018. The source claims that Russia has the intention in the coming years to conduct mandatory tests and begin mass production of the Su-57 Megapolis in 2025.

The Megapolis project is the second stage in the development of the Su-57. It should give Russian aviation a new fifth-generation stealth fighter updated in technology and science. According to a TASS source, the Su-57 Megapolis will have a new cockpit with modern avionics, a better fire control system, and a new engine [Izdelie 30 – ed.].

It is the expected new Izdelie 30 engine that is one of the reasons why military experts still do not identify the Su-57 as a fifth-generation fighter. The Russians have been developing the new engine in recent years, but information has already emerged that it is being tested. According to another Russian media outlet, Izvestia, the Izdelie 30 is expected to be integrated into some Su-57 fighters as early as this year. This fighter is currently powered by an AL-41F1 engine. The Izdelie 30 expects to give the Su-57 a better thrust-to-weight ratio. According to aviation experts, this will guarantee the Russians to develop supersonic speed, without including additional combustion.

We remind you that Moscow signed a contract with the company Sukhoi for the purchase of 76 Su-57 fighters. The first mass-produced fighter has already been delivered to the military in Russia’s Southern Military District, and five more are expecting to be produced this year. However, has information that Sukhoi corporation will be able to produce in 2021 only three out of five ordered, one of the reasons being the unsatisfactory financial results.

The new Su-57 Megapolis will most likely [according to Russian sources – ed.] have a single and two-seater version and will have to answer the question: will it be Russia’s main fighter, which will fly in the air with the unmanned attack drone S-70 or Okhotnik. reminds you that very recently at the international air show MAKS 2021 near Moscow, the Russians presented a new stealth fighter of the fifth-generation Su-75, which is single-engine. Russian analysts claim that this fighter will be a real competitor in the international markets of the American stealth fighter F-35 Lightning. So far there is no information on whether Russia or another country will order units from the new fighter.

The Su-57 is Russia’s first fifth-generation stealth fighter [some say it’s a 4 ++ generation]. It can reach supersonic flight speed, has radio-absorbing elements, and hits all targets – air, land, and water. Russian sources claim that the fighter has unmanned control. By 2024, the Russians should receive 25 units from it, and by the end of 2028, they should receive the last of the ordered 76 units.


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