How much does it cost to equip a ranger from the 75th US Regiment?

WASHINGTON, BM – The 75th Ranger Regiment in the United States has undergone significant transformations in recent years, as a result of which their equipment has been significantly changed. Before we get into the details, it’s worth explaining what the term “ranger” means, as there are two ways to be a “ranger.”

The first is to graduate from the US Army Ranger School. This is a school that focuses on the management of small divisions and departmental operations.

The second way is to join the 75th Rangers Regiment in the United States.

The 75th Ranger Regiment is a landing regiment of the US Army Special Forces. The regiment is designed to perform various combat tasks, including raids, the capture of airports, and interaction with conventional units. Regiment units are prepared for landing by parachute, helicopter, or sea. The alert level allows them to be deployed anywhere in the world 18 hours after notification.

Helmet system and night vision device

Helmet systems are the most expensive equipment given directly to an operational worker. The 75th Ranger Regiment uses a high-cut Ops-Core helmet and an Ops-Core net.

They also use AN / PVS-31A night vision binoculars and the Manta Strobe infrared strobe.

Interestingly, most special forces units, such as Navy Raiders and SEALs, use the Peltor Comtac III’s active headphones, but only the 75th Ranger Regiment uses the latest Ops-Core AMP headphones.

Total Price: $ 16,390.

Vest system and radio station

Operators of the 75th Ranger Regiment typically use Crye AVS MBAV unloading systems, which come with a huge selection of bags for a variety of purposes. Crye JPC unloading systems can be seen in numerous photos of the rangers, but most likely they were either purchased for their own money or are in the process of testing.

The main radio, this Falcon III® RF-7800V-HH VHF Combat Net, supports voice, data and can be paired with a smartphone.

Total Price: $ 10,337

Fieldset and shoes

Almost all American special operations units use Crye Precision Gen.3 field kits in multi-chamber colors.

Salomon Forces XA MID EN is preferred in footwear, but some still wear plain combat boots. In general, when it comes to shoes, troops have always had freedom of choice.

Total Price: $ 1,074

Basic weapons and optics

It is very rare to see an operative from the 75th Ranger Regiment with a rifle and a pistol. The choice of the rifle has long fallen on Daniel Mk18 CQBR, Surefire SOCOM RC silencer, AN / PEQ-15 laser marker, and Surefire flashlight. FN SCAR-H rifles can be seen by some operatives, but recently they have gone out of fashion. There is a large selection of surveillance systems, and in the photo, you can see collimator sights from Aimpoint, EOTech, and ELCAN SOCOM SpectreDR.

Total price: $ 6,848

Final amount: $ 35,679

Before the events of 9/11, the 75th Ranger Regiment was considered a light infantry specializing in raids and airports. But the accumulated combat experience allows them to be used for the same missions as the units “Delta Force” (1st SFOD-D) and DEVGRU (NSWDG).


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