Afghanistan blames the United States for Taliban attacks

KABUL, BM, ($1= 80.14 Afghan Afghanis) – The president of Afghanistan has accused the rapid withdrawal of NATO forces of deepening the conflict with the Taliban in some parts of the country, learned citing Sega.

Since the United States, Britain, and other NATO troops began leaving Afghanistan earlier this year, the Taliban has advanced rapidly and violence has increased. For the rebels, the rapid withdrawal of troops is a sign to move to the country’s key provincial capitals.

Speaking to the Afghan parliament, President Ashraf Ghani said: “The situation we are facing is due to the sudden decision to withdraw. I told the American president that I respected his decision, but I knew that it would have some consequences and that the management of the crisis would depend on the Afghans. This peace process has led to doubts and ambiguities, and the result is the situation we see today,” he said.

Before the withdrawal of NATO troops to Afghanistan, there were about 2,500 US troops, plus another 7,000. Since the start of the war 20 years ago, 457 members of the UK Armed Forces have died in Afghanistan and about 150,000 have served there, the British government said.

People in the capital of Helmand province, Lakshar Gach, have been called to leave the city after 40 civilians were killed within 24 hours. General Sami Sadat, the leader of the province’s Afghan forces, said his troops would not leave a single member of the Taliban alive.

Iran warries also that Islamis Ctate will return with the Taliban arrival. Iranian media in the country are playing different options, what will happen to Afghanistan after the last American soldier leaves the country in the coming weeks. The conservative Iranian newspaper Kayhan believes that Iran is facing future problems along the border with Afghanistan and expects more clashes than a possible peaceful coexistence between Shiites and the Taliban.

Iran has a large border with Afghanistan – nearly 900 km. There are already rumors in Tehran that the Islamic State will return to Afghanistan under the guise of the growing influence of the Taliban, who claim to already control 85% of the country’s territory.

In our analysis, we said that US intelligence expects the Kabul government to collapse in the next six months. The Taliban controls areas around major centers in Afghanistan, where much of the Afghan army is located. There are two options: military clashes between them, or forcing Kabul to form a coalition government in which the Taliban will be the predominant force.

Iran is worried about both options because it sees a continuing influx of Afghan immigrants to the country, where 4% of Afghanistan’s population currently lives. AFP reports that Iran is currently trying to play a balancing force and hopes the border with Afghanistan will remain calm. But Tehran also recalls the chaos in Afghanistan when the Taliban were in power before 2001.


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