B-21 Raider strategic bomber is the ‘worst nightmare’ for Russia

WASHINGTON, BM – The new American strategic bomber B-21 Raider could cause great difficulties for Russian air defense systems, writes journalist Chris Osborne in an article for the National Interest.

According to the journalist, many characteristics of the aircraft may never be declassified. Nevertheless, one of the high-ranking representatives of the US Air Force said that the new stealth bomber would pose a threat to any target, anywhere in the world, regardless of the time of day. Osborne did not rule out that the B-21 will be tested on air defense systems similar to Russian and Chinese, RIA Novosti reports.

Osborne also recalled the S-400 and S-500 complexes, which, according to the developers, can detect and destroy “stealth aircraft”. While Russian air defense systems are effective, the task of locating and destroying the advanced B-21 will be daunting for them, he added. In his opinion, Moscow will need more sensitive radars that can accurately track the movements of the bomber. The presence of completely new stealth technologies in his possession could make the plane “the worst nightmare” for Russia, the journalist summed up.

The B-21 Raider is being developed by Northrop Grumman and is scheduled to enter service in 2025. Outwardly, the car resembles the B-2: both projects are based on the concept of a subsonic, stealthy aircraft, built according to the “flying wing” scheme and capable of carrying missile or bomb weapons. One of the main tasks of such a bomber, in addition to delivering nuclear strikes, is covert access to the missile launch or bomb drop area and the destruction of the main enemy air defense facilities. Thereafter, tactical aircraft will be able to operate in relative safety.

The main non-nuclear weapons of the B-21 are expected to be hypersonic missiles, in particular the promising AGM-183A ARRW. According to the Lockheed Martin concern, these aircraft weapons are capable of accelerating M = 17 [Mach number]. The range is up to 800 kilometers. ARRW is slated for serial production and deployment on media in 2022. In this, Russia is still ahead of the United States, since its aviation hypersonic missiles are already in service with the Aerospace Forces.


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