Austin and Indo-Pacific allies to talk about integrated defense

SINGAPORE, BM, ($1=1.36 Singapore Dollars) – Ensuring security in the Indo-Pacific region and discussing joint defense actions, including those related to the region’s integrated defense, will be part of topics Secretary of State Lloyd Austin III will discuss with allies in Singapore on Wednesday. He has already left for Singapore, according to the US Department of Defense.

The Indo-Pacific region is Washington’s priority theater, and this is evident in the fact that this is the second visit to the Secretary of State’s area. Washington has repeatedly pledged support to the countries, both for the covid epidemic and for collective defense against the aggressive and provocative actions of Russia, China, and North Korea in the region.

”We want to drive home the point that we think that the U.S. is a reliable partner for our Asian partners and that we have consistently been there when it counts,’‘ said a senior defense official traveling with the secretary. ”So, past, present or future, when our partners have been in need, the United States has consistently shown up.”

According to the official, the allies and partners of the United States are seriously concerned about the activity in the South China Sea and that various countries are violating rules guaranteeing peace and peaceful merchant shipping. This again raises the issue of collective defense, and according to the official, the United States will update its capabilities in the region to ensure that no conflict breaks out.

”You’re going to see us be very firm in stating that we believe that all countries ought to be playing by the same rules; that no single country ought to get to determine the rules for other countries; and that might doesn’t make right in this part of the world,” the official said.

Austin will emphasize that US efforts in the Indo-Pacific Ocean – and around the world – are a holistic government approach. Diplomacy will play a leading role in many aspects of policy with DOD as a pillar.

The United States has proved to be a useful ally and partner in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. We remind you that it is the United States that is committed to providing at least 1 billion anti-covid vaccines to disaster-free countries, and together with the G7+, that number will reach nearly 2.3 billion vaccines for Asian countries. This figure can be reached with the involvement of local vaccine production, and the United States believes that this will happen, which will accelerate not only regional needs but also the idea of ​​world leaders to have vaccines at all points in the world by the end of 2022. the world.

According to the official, 500 million doses of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine will be purchased from the United States and delivered to the Asian region, with delivery expected to begin this August. 92 countries with low and below minimum incomes will be included in Washington’s list of free vaccines. The US State Department says this is the largest purchase and largest donation of vaccines from a single country.


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