Speculation began: Iran will face the Su-75 against the F-35 Adir

MOSCOW, BM, ($1=73.79 Russian Rubles) – Speculation in the Russian media about the future of Russia’s newest Su-75 Checkmate fighter on international markets has already begun and is again on the Tehran-Tel Aviv axis. We remind you that on July 20 this year at the international air show MAKS 2021 near Moscow, Russia presented a single-engine light stealth fighter of the fifth-generation Su-75 Checkmate.

Photo credit: TASS

According to an unnamed expert quoted by the Russian newspaper Aviapro, Iran is the most suitable and perhaps the “first future” customer of the Su-75. “After receiving the Russian Su-75, Iran can easily cope with the Israeli Air Force, as the light Russian fifth-generation fighter aircraft will surpass the F-35i Adir in its flight, technical and combat qualities. It must be assumed that Israel will prevent the conclusion of such an agreement in any possible way,” said the unnamed specialist from the site.

It is a known fact that Iran needs to upgrade its air force equipment. According to unconfirmed information, Tehran is ready to spend a little over $ 3 billion for this purpose. According to the quoted expert from Aviapro, this would mean that Iran would easily buy at least 100 Su-75 Checkmate fighters for this amount, which means that this fighter jet would cost $ 30 million.

So far, however, there is no information, mostly from Moscow, how much the light stealth fighter Su-75 Checkmate would cost. It has also not been confirmed that Iran is looking to buy 100 fighter jets. In recent years, the Iranian media has most often mentioned the term “large batch of fighter jets”, which can mean from 50 to 100 units.

The speculative news of interest from Iran in the purchase of the Russian light stealth fighter Su-75 is not accidental. In recent years, dozens of Russian media have “sold” the Russian Su-57 to at least five countries around the world, and so far, only Algeria still has some interest, which may soon subside. India, China, Turkey, Egypt, that even Vietnam was on the list of Russian journalists.

Russian media often put “the pan on the fire before catching the fish.” There is still absolutely no existing information about the price, functionality, and even the future existence of the Russian Su-75, but they [the Russians] are already selling it around the world.

What we know for sure about the Su-75 is this: the fighter has one engine, stealth technology, the first flight will take place in 2023, the eventual serial production in 2026, will have an unmanned version and will have a maximum flight speed of up to Mach 2.

This information, which was officially presented by Yuri Slyusar, CEO of the United Aircraft Corporation Rostec, gives us more questions than answers: it is not clear whether the tests will be successful, it is not clear whether Russia will buy from the new fighter, which does not guarantee anyway that the fighter will go into series production in 2026. And if that happens, it will be at least five years before Russia decides to start mass production to order from a customer. This means that if Iran wants to upgrade its air capabilities with new technologies, and chooses the Su-75 for this purpose, it is only in 2031 that it can hope to start production of Iranian fighter jets. Too long, given that Iran can still buy the Russian Su-35 if it wants, which fighter is in no way inferior to modern F-35 stealth fighters.

Of course, the Russians’ dream is to put their fighter against the F-35. The most suitable territory and opportunity for this to happen are in the region in the Middle East, where Iran and Israel have been waging their cold proxy war for years. According to the Aviapro expert, the “plane drawing” Su-75 will surpass the Israeli F-35 Adir. This opinion is a frivolous statement for any aeronautical engineer or a military tactician.

5th Gen stealth Su-75 Checkmate fighter - features and weapons
Photo credit: TASS

Nevertheless, some experts, including us, see a future for the Su-75, but not in Iran, but Russia. Yuri Slyusar said something very important that was left in the background: the Su-75 is a product made to correct mistakes made in the development of the Su-57. This fact puts Russia in a stalemate: does this mean that the Su-57 has problems that the Russians have tried to hide since its development, and where will Moscow find funding for two stealth fighters?

We already know that this year Moscow will most likely not receive the five Su-57s it ordered, and it will most likely receive only three. Does this mean that Moscow is ready to sacrifice the Su-57 project and direct its finances to the Su-75? If the Su-75 “clears” the errors of the Su-57, why is the last one still a priority?

There are many questions about the fate of the two fighters, but they will be at the heart of future Russian speculation. And they have already begun.


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