Radio wave weapons in Vienna? US diplomats with brain suffering

WASHINGTON, BM – The US Central Intelligence Agency will form a working group of experts to launch an investigation into “mysterious medical cases of ill American diplomats” at the US embassy in Austria. This was reported by some American media, talking about the Havana syndrome, which gained popularity in Cuba in 2016, when diplomats from the embassy in Havana began to mysteriously fall ill, and others received serious brain injuries.

Experts suggest, but there is still no evidence, that Havana Syndrome is the use of highly effective radio waves, which affect the mental and physical health of the target.

On July 19, a spokesman for the US State Department said in an official statement that there were cases of “strange health incidents” with diplomats in Vienna. Later that day, it became clear that not only in Vienna were there “affected” American diplomats, but almost all over the world mostly concentrated in Europe.

The working group convened by the CIA will focus on reports from recent months and the beginning of the year, as well as reports from recent years when similar incidents were reported. We remind you that the CIA has so far declassified only a few documents on the Havana syndrome in Cuba, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, and the United States.

So far, the CIA has declined to comment on the exact number of infected U.S. diplomats in Vienna, but the New York Times did so, which first reported on the Havana syndrome in Cuba and at least 24 U.S. diplomats became ill, according to the newspaper’s investigative journalists.

According to unconfirmed information, at least 200 cases of energy attacks have been registered in recent months, according to the American publication The Hill.

There is currently no definite confirmation in the world that any country has successfully developed a radio wave weapon, or a microwave weapon, although military experts in the field believe that the United States, Russia, China, and several European countries are developing projects in this direction.

We remind you that last year [2020] the Beijing expert Jin Canrong said that China used microwave weapons in August same year to shock Indian soldiers, which forced them to leave their posts. The Indian side denies these revelations, describing them as unfounded.

The “Secret Weapon”, in which commentators spot the exposed millimeter radio wave emitter Poly WB-1, first unveiled at the Zhuhai air show in 2014, was intended to turn Himalayan peaks into a “microwave oven.” The emitter is said to be able to affect distances of up to a kilometer and, according to Jin Canrong, caused Indian soldiers to feel unwell and vomiting.

The impact of microwave weapons on humans is also often compared to the feeling that one has when touching a hot light bulb, and this weapon works on the principle of heating water in the human body. All this was to make staying in the mountain bases unbearable for the Indians and they left them, and some were even lowered on ropes. Jin Canrong described the cooking of Indian troops as a “beautifully done” operation that cleared the disputed area of ​​enemy troops without breaking the reciprocal agreement between the PRC and India.


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