Meet the new Russian stealth fighter Su-75 CheckMate [video]

MOSCOW, BM, ($1= 74.22 Russian Rubles) – Last week we announced that Russia will present a new stealth fighter at the upcoming international military exhibition MAX-2021 in Moscow, which begins tomorrow, July 20, 2021. The Russian state company Rostek confirmed the information by posting on Facebook a photo of the fighter towed by a vehicle. The plane was covered with protective covers, and the photo read “Wanna see me naked?”

Photo credit: Twitter

24 hours before the start of the exhibition we have a new, more up-to-date photo, as well as a short video from the place of installation and a podium, where the fighter will be presented. Russian sources say that the new stealth fighter will be single-engine, as we assumed, and will bear the abbreviation Su-75 Checkmate.

Russian media claim, without naming their sources, that the Su-75 is a stealth fighter that has cleared all the shortcomings and errors of the Su-57. According to journalists, this fact opens the way for sale outside Russia, as India and China refused to buy the Su-57 precisely because of dozens of design errors.

It is not clear exactly what engine drives the new stealth fighter. It is possible [this is a guess, not a fact – ed.] that the designers of the long-awaited next-generation “Izdelie 30” engine have made progress, and the estimated date for its official presentation from 2022 will be postponed tomorrow at the exhibition. However, this is very unlikely. Experts of, looking at the short presentation video, noted that there are no angular geometries of the fuselage, as well as joints. This is the first good thing that gives any minimal advantage over the Su-57. recalls that TASS quotes the words of Oleg Panteleev, uttered on July 12 in front of journalists. Pantaleev is the executive director of the branch agency “Airport”.

“Teasers in English, the regions that the pilots represented in the video published by Rostec – all this shows that the domestic light fighter enters the battle with the American F-35 in foreign markets. I am sure that the demonstration of the aircraft in MAKS-2021 will have It is not in vain that Rosoboronexport invited more than 120 delegations from 65 countries to the exhibition,” he said.

Pantaleev believes that the new fighter will be a great “tandem partner” of the heavy Russian Su-57 fighter.


The lightweight fighter of the 5th generation “Checkmate” will be able to accelerate to two times the speed of sound, according to the presentation of the aircraft to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Speed ​​1.8 – Mach 2” – said in the materials. They also say that the mass of the fighter’s combat load will be 7400 kg.

The new 5th generation Checkmate light fighter was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. “LTS is a fifth-generation lightweight single-engine fighter, which has no analogs in Russia yet. It combines innovative solutions and technologies, including support for the pilot’s work using artificial intelligence, as well as proven solutions that have already proven themselves in practice,” Rostec said. after showing the plane to the president.

The first flight of the 5th generation light single-engine fighter is expected in 2023. “2023 – the first flight of the LTS, 2024-2025 – the construction of prototypes, 2026 – the launch of the pilot batch,” the presentation notes.

Based on the new 5th generation light fighter “Checkmate” it is possible to create a drone, said the chief designer of the “Sukhoi” company Mikhail Strelets during the presentation of the aircraft to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“An open architecture has been implemented, which allows converting the warhead into either an unmanned or a two-seater aircraft,” Strelets said.

The new lightweight fighter, which was presented on Tuesday to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was named Checkmate and belongs to the fifth generation, the state corporation Rostec reported.


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