Taliban have warned Turkey that bloody fighting will come

KABUL, BM, (1$= 80.25 Afghan Afghani) – The radical Islamic Taliban movement in Afghanistan does not accept the decision of Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan to leave Turkish troops on the territory of the country, and if Ankara does not withdraw its troops, it will be considered an occupation. A similar statement was made by the movement, which was quoted by Afghan TV channel 1TV on Tuesday (July 13th).

Turkey risks going to war with the Taliban. Erdogan has decided to leave Turkish troops in the country, whose stay will be with US financial support. A similar statement was made exactly one month ago, on June 14, by the Turkish president. In a statement, the Taliban threatened Ankara and warned that Turkish forces would be attacked by the Taliban. According to them, not only the Taliban will be involved in such hostilities.

“The decision of the Turkish leadership [to keep part of the contingent in Afghanistan] is reckless, violates sovereignty, territorial integrity, and is contrary to the national interests of the Afghans,” the Taliban statement said. “The movement notes that “it considers the presence of foreign troops and under any pretext on the territory of Afghanistan as an occupation and will fight the invaders.”

We recall that US President Joe Biden decided to end the endless war in Afghanistan and withdraw US troops from the country. The original deadline was September, but the president’s administration has taken swift action, and now, according to the Pentagon, 95 percent of U.S. troops are already out of the country.

Last Saturday, June 10, Taliban representatives were received in Moscow, with the main goal of being recognized by Russia as part of the Afghan population and starting talks on not launching Russian hostilities in the country. The Sunni radical movement has assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Taliban have no interest in the Tajik-Afghan border. They also assured the Kremlin that they would not attack neighboring countries.

The agreement signed a year ago between the United States and the Taliban in Doha, which included the withdrawal of American troops, gave confidence to the radical movement. Today, when US troops have not yet fully withdrawn, the Taliban already control more territory from Afghanistan than in 2001, when a US soldier first set foot in the dry Afghan fields.

This is an occasion for critics of the new US administration to start serious criticism of the White House. At regular briefings for Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby, journalists are constantly asking questions about how the Taliban already control much of Afghanistan and why US troops are not intervening.

Kirby’s brief explanation each time is that the United States has been in Afghanistan to counter and eliminate the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks. However, this justification does not stand up to the public, as at least 20 new terrorist and radical mini-movements in Afghanistan are a fact.

What the Turks will do in the end will become clear in the coming weeks. However, military experts say that their eventual stay in Afghanistan could receive both an international response and disagreement, as well as the start of a new war. The question that remains unanswered is how long the United States is ready to support the Turks in Afghanistan, and whether they are prepared to wage the same war that was lost by Russia and the United States – a guerrilla war.


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