Bulgaria may have its first female defense minister

SOFIA, BM, ($1=1.65 Bulgarian Levas) – On July 11th [Sunday], Bulgaria voted in early parliamentary elections for a new parliament. The results so far [with 99% processed results] determine with a minimal advantage (not even one percent) the party of the TV presenter and showman Slavi Trifonov ITN [There Is Such a People or There Is Such A Nation – ed.] win the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria may have its first female defense minister
Teodora Genchovska, Photo credit: 7/8TV

Today at 11:00 a.m. Slavi Trifonov announced on the air of his television 7/8 TV that his party will not form a coalition with anyone else, and despite the expected insufficient number of lawmakers [about 64 or 65] he proposes a Prime Minister and a cabinet, turning it into a real “minority cabinet”.

Slavi Trifonov’s proposal for Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria is Teodora Genchovska. If in the next few weeks, after the convening of the new parliament, the proposal for the new Council of Ministers is put to a vote and approved by the lawmakers, Teodora Genchovska will become the first woman minister of Defense in the history of Bulgaria.

Who is Teodora Genchovska?

Teodora Genchovska is an expert in defense and the armed forces. A graduate of the Military Academy, she has passed many additional qualifications in Germany, Italy, Britain, and the United States. Her professional career started at the General Staff of the Bulgarian Army.

He successively went through all levels, reaching the head of a NATO and EU department in the Ministry of Defense. She has participated in Bulgarian delegations to NATO Summits in Turkey, Wales, Poland, and Belgium. He speaks two languages. At 52 years old.

The government of ITN is composed of experts and it will have specific priorities in front of it with the shortest possible deadline for implementation, announced Slavi Trifonov.

What’s ahead?

As we announced above, the Central Election Commission is to determine which party will receive how many seats in the new parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is already clear that Slavi Trifonov’s party will most likely win the elections, but the difference with the second parliamentary party [ruling for the last 11 years – GERB] will be up to 2 or 3 lawmakers.

The attitudes among the society in the last 24 hours were that the three parties [ITN; Democratic Bulgaria; and Stand Up, Mafia get out – ed.] which openly opposed the previous GERB government and their goal was to overthrow GERB from power, to unite, to receive at least 110-112 butt votes (the minimum requirement for a majority in the Bulgarian parliament is 121 votes) and to seek broad support among other parliamentary parties based on proposals and programs, rather than handing out ministerial seats.

After the start of the new parliament, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will hand over a mandate to the ITN political party to form a government, which the party has already presented. If parliament votes on the ITN government proposal, it will start work immediately. If this does not happen and if the other parties do not form a cabinet with enough parliamentary votes – Bulgaria will go to the third elections in the next three months in one year.


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