Russian Foreign Ministry: The next British ship in the Black Sea may be sunk

MOSCOW, BM, ($1= 74.73 Russian Rubles) – Russia has issued a serious warning to Britain after the incident with the British ship HMS Defender in the Black Sea has been a “hot potato” in Russian-British relations for two weeks now. According to a statement by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapkov, if Britain repeats the same actions in the Black Sea, Russia will sink the British ship.

“There is no pre-definition in a strike, but we can strike. And this is really because the issue is very serious,” Ryabkov said in an interview with International Life on Tuesday (July 6th).

We remind you that on June 24, on the British destroyer HMS Defender on warning artillery shot from a Russian warship. The Russians claim that the British ship violated Russia’s maritime borders [around Crimea], while the British claim that they were in international waters and complied with all international shipping laws.

Britain initially denied any shootings, but after a BBC journalist aboard the British destroyer broke the news, the Defense Department corrected its official statement and said it was a “gunnery exercise” of the Russian Navy. Russian sources claim that the ship was bombed from the air with Russian high-explosive bombs.

The United States, for its part, declined to comment on the incident, with Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirib simply diverting journalists’ attention by advising them to refer to official press releases from the British Ministry of Defense.

“The essence of the problem lies in the desire of Britain and, of course, the United States to surrender to Kyiv in conflict-ridden situations,” Sergei Ryapkov continued in an interview. He noted that “the high conflict potential of this topic is obvious to everyone, you do not need to be a geostrategist or a politician.” “People who run this type of business are provocateurs. You need to talk to provocateurs as directly as possible. Explain on your toes that next time they put their provocations aside and don’t interfere here, as a result, increase even more,” he added.

The NATO exercise Sea Breeze 21 is currently being held in the Black Sea with the participation of the military flotillas of Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Latvia, and others. In addition to engaging warships, these countries are involved in naval aviation and infantry units.

At the same time, Russia is conducting two exercises – an artillery missile on its shores on the Black Sea, testing the artillery and air defense capabilities of its artillery on model ships. Yesterday, we reported that the Russians had sent two Tu-22 deep-sea bombers accompanied by Su-30 fighters to patrol the NATO exercise area. As we have explained, these bombers are capable of carrying nuclear weapons as well as hitting land and sea targets.


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