Russia sent bombers over the Black Sea during the NATO exercise

MOSCOW, BM, ($1= 74.76 Russian Rubles) – Russia’s Defense Ministry said today that the Russian Air Force was patrolling neutral waters in the Black Sea by sending two Tu-22M3 deep-sea bombers, which had been exported by Su-30M2 fighters. The patrol in the air lasted five hours.

U.S. Analysts: the Russian Bomber Tu-223M3 is a Modern Lethal Aircraft
Russian Bomber Tu-223M3 | Photo credit:

Russia often uses and launches patrols of deep-sea bombers during foreign exercises. This type of bomber can carry nuclear weapons, fly up to 7,000 km, and hit land and sea targets.

Russia confirms that the flights of Russian planes were planned. In addition to the Russian bomber patrol, Moscow continues to conduct exercises to test the capabilities of its air defense systems and missile systems in the Black Sea region, using mock-ups of target ships.

These actions caused concern among the Americans, and at the last briefing of the Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby was asked whether Moscow had planned these exercises, or was a kind of provocation against the ongoing NATO exercise in the Black Sea Sea Breeze 2021.

“There’s no interference and with – with exercise Sea Breeze I’d refer you to our colleagues in Moscow to speak about the degree to which they coordinated those exercises. We’re focused on Sea Breeze and Sea Breeze has gone off quite well. And continues to – continues to be an active exercise,” was Kirby’s response.

Asked afterward whether the United States was violating any rules in the Black Sea exercise or provoking Russia, Kirby said it was being conducted in international waters and there were no violations or threats to the US Navy there.

Sea Breeze 2021 is a NATO exercise in Black Sea waters with approximately 4,000 sailors and 40 warships of various types and classes. This year’s exercise involves a flotilla of Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Latvia, and others. In addition to warships, Sea Breeze 2021 is part of the training of naval aviation and ground forces, and this year at least 30 units of aircraft and over 100 armored ground armored vehicles are part of it.


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