Powerful Israeli airstrike on weapons workshops in Gaza

TEL AVIV, BM, ($1= 3.27 Israeli shekels) – Early this morning on July 2, the Israeli Air Force inflicted a series of airstrikes on the weapons workshops of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, quoting TASS and Israel Times. The Israeli attack was in response to the recent launch of explosive balloons from Gaza in the direction of Israel, which caused fires in some parts of the country.

“The strike was carried out in response to the arson balloon attacks on Israeli territory. The IDF will respond with determination against all terror attempts from the Gaza Strip, ”reads the press release of the Israeli army.

No one was injured in the Israeli attacks tonight, but Hamas weapons workshops were destroyed. According to TASS, the Israeli army warned about the air attacks, and the people in the attacked buildings were taken out in advance.

It is common practice for Hamas to use explosive balloons to fly over Israeli skies and cause damage if not removed by air defense systems. In addition to such balloons, Hamas workshops also make missiles with which Hamas attacks Israel. Their production is extremely cheap and simple – they are made from old pipeline pipes and are driven by hard potassium nitrate, sugar, and ordinary fertilizer. Explosives and explosives are also made from purified TNT and urea nitrate. The cost of producing such a rocket is nearly $ 800.

The Israeli fire and rescue service says the fires caused by Hamas balloons the day before were contained quickly and effectively. They were not large and did not cause significant damage.

The last burst of explosive balloons from Hamas was in mid-June (June 15th), when the Israeli Air Force responded again to these terrorist activities with an airstrike a few hours later. At the time, however, it was not the workshops of the radical Palestinian movement that were attacked, but the training camps of Hamas fighters.

May 2021?

The violence began after the focus fell on controversial judicial and political actions over the Palestinian-populated Sheikh Jara district of East Jerusalem. An Israeli court initially ruled that Palestinians should be evicted from the neighborhood and be populated with Israelis. A hearing on the eviction followed, but it never ended last Sunday and was postponed.

On Monday, May 10, Jerusalem was subjected to a brief rocket attack by al-Quds and Hamas with a request on the eviction decision. Israel did not comply with the Palestinians, which led to a retaliatory strike and a rocket fire between the two countries for the second day in a row.

According to a field source, Israel has involved fighter jets and tanks in the conflict, which are hitting 130 targets in the Gaza Strip. These goals are related to the Hamas movement. According to the Israeli authorities, these goals are also associated with terrorist organizations.

Nearly 4,000 rockets were fired between May 10 and 21 this year when Hamas attacked almost all of the Israeli territory. Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepted many of them, but on the first day, those in the coastal city of Ashkelon initially had technical problems that were eliminated by Israeli troops.

The 11-day conflict claimed a total of 257 lives and nearly 2,000 were injured by Palestinians. Israel lost 13 people. The armistice with Egypt’s active participation is still ongoing.


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