GRU’s 85th main special center is behind hundreds of cyberattacks

MOSCOW, BM, ($1= 73.39 Russian rubles) – The intelligence services of Britain and the United States claim that a Russian military unit known as “Military Unit 26165” and the 85th major special center of the GRU has caused hundreds of cyberattacks around the world, targeting governments and individuals.

Several government agencies on the island and the ocean support their claims with reports and a joint document released today. These are the US Internal Security Agency, the US Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the UK National Cybersecurity Center.

“From the beginning of 2019 to the beginning of 2021 <…> GRU conducted widespread attempts at access against hundreds of public and private targets around the world,” the text reads.

“The malicious activity in the cybersphere of the 85th main special center of the GRU was previously attributed to the private sector, using the names [hacker groups] Fancy Bear, APT28, Strontium and many others,” the document said.

The intelligence services of the two countries claim that such actions are known and according to them, they will continue in the future.

We remind you that at the end of 2020, the Associated Press published an article claiming that Russian hackers were behind the cyberattacks against US federal agencies. The allegations also included then-US President Donald Trump. According to him, these cyberattacks are not as bad as the country’s media claim. He even stressed that the investigation has not yet proven Russia’s involvement.

“When something happens, the media starts talking in unison about the Russian trail. This path is their priority, because in the first place, for financial reasons, they are scared to death to discuss the possibility that China is behind everything. But it is possible,” the president said.

The issue of Russian cyberattacks has been a hot topic in the United States for years and a problem for the White House. We remind you that in early June, the White House announced that it would launch anti-hacking operations against mostly Russian hackers. This information was quoted by the American television agency NBC, citing White House sources.

The United States believes that the latest hacker attacks were the work of Russian hackers. They used the so-called Ransomware viruses, causing billions of dollars in severe economic damage. We remind you that a few weeks ago the leading US pipeline was attacked by hackers and this paralyzed the US economy. A few days later, the meat processing company JBS was also affected by hackers. Both the hacker attacks and several other minor ones have caused the US government to remember the investigation.

The United States has blamed the hacker group DarkSide for the cyber attack on the central pipeline. There is no evidence that the hacker group is operating under the influence of the Kremlin. Still, US intelligence says it is based either on Russian territory or in an Eastern European country. DarkSide claims that it does not operate under the influence of any government in the world, but is an independent hacker group.


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