Rafael unveiled a missile system that provides surgical and precision hit

TEL AVIV, BM, ($1= 3.26 Israeli Shekels) – A fifth-generation Sea Breaker missile system, providing precise impact with surgical precision, was presented by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

Rafael unveiled a missile system that provides surgical and precision hit
Photo credit: Rafael

Sea Breaker is a missile system developed for the navy and to improve the artillery capabilities of a warship. The system has a long-range (300 km) and operates autonomously. Sea Breaker is capable of hitting both marine and terrestrial targets.

Raphael’s new missile system is multifunctional – it can be installed on small missile boats and frigates next to large ships, as well as be reconstructed for ground use. In the ground version, Sea Breaker uses the well-known SPYDER launchers.

In a naval variant, the Sea Breaker is quite flexible in terms of the targets it must hit. Its advanced infrared finder makes it ideal for both warships and coast guard ships and for searching for moving or non-marine targets along shores, archipelagos, and even restricted or restricted areas (A2 / AD).

Sea Breaker does not require mandatory human control. This missile system intercepts a target, recognizes it, and can strike it. This is thanks to the artificial intelligence with which it is equipped and which helps the system to quickly identify in the process of searching and processing the received information in milliseconds. Rafael says Sea Breaker can operate in very hard-to-reach regions, including those without a global navigation satellite system (GNSS).

Sea Breaker launches a subsonic missile that carries a warhead of 113 kg capable of neutralizing a warship with a single defeat. When launching the rocket, the system calculates and synchronizes various parameters – the angle of flight, azimuth, angle of impact, selection of a point for impact. The attack can be interrupted during the flight of the rocket, which allows operators to make decisions in real-time. The missile’s data link allows the collection and processing of tactical data during the attack.


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