US talks about future warfighting, DARPA about the unknown

WASHINGTON, BM – The US military command is in the process of seriously rethinking combat operations now and those for which the US military will need to be prepared and led in the future. This type of thinking is clear from a speech by Lisa Sanders, director of science and technology for Special Operations Forces during the Defense One Tech summit.

There are many unknowns and uncertainties, Sanders said, but the Pentagon is working to make soldiers feel comfortable in the uncertainty. “The unknown is an opportunity, not just a risk,” she said

In the coming years, the US government will have to focus its efforts primarily on the psychological health of the soldiers who will enter the battle. The Pentagon’s new strategies will prepare a soldier to be effective, innovative, and at the same time destructive in an environment unknown to him or his predecessors. Ie an environment in which there is no combat experience, but a battle must be fought.

Sanders calls such an environment chaotic. Tim Grayson, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Strategic Technology Office, says the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently studying those warriors who feel comfortable and deal with the unknown in a “chaotic environment.” They will serve as the basis for the future training of the American soldier, but they will be an unknown factor for the enemy.

According to Grayson, the structure of such a combat unit will not be radically changed and will be something like the current one – a senior officer corps that must build a strategy for action and warriors to enter the battle.

Future young soldiers will be smarter and more technically literate than the current generation. In their civilian life, they already have this advantage, as they work every day and have fun with new technologies. Future soldiers will have to work simultaneously in all five domains of military affairs.

“One of the challenges that we’re going to see in the military is how do we bring up someone who can perform with the discipline needed to be in the military, while at the same time, not losing that sort of independent thinking that’s so common today in America’s youth,” he said.

However, according to Grayson, the most difficult thing today is to convince the commanders-in-chief of the US military of the benefits of training such soldiers. This is inherited thinking, he said, comparing the skepticism with which the Pentagon welcomed the idea of ​​a stealth fighter nearly 50 years ago.

There is already a country in the world that is taking advantage of this generation that grew up in the digital age. Last year, Israel introduced a prototype battle tank with integrated artificial intelligence, developed under the open-source electronic game Warcraft 2. The environment in the tank is making as a game room, large displays provide the familiar environment of the young soldier, and joystick control over the tank and touch screen opportunities keep him in an environment from which he has not detached himself.

According to Israeli army trainers, today’s generation should not be refracted through the prism of military thinking but should be given the freedom of the young soldier to be creative. Something that has long been hinted at in the Hollywood movie “Ender’s Game” starring Harrison Ford.


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