Video: British destroyer entered Russian waters and came under fire

MOSCOW, BM, ($1= 72.64 rubles) – The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed in an official press release that a British destroyer had entered Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea, as a result of which the Russian military fired on it. An air Su-24 and a Russian border water patrol ship have managed to change the course of the British ship and force it to return.

“At 12:06 and 12:08, the border patrol ship fired warning shots,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, but details of the incident have not yet been released.

Before the Russian patrol ship fired a warning shot, Moscow launched a supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft Su-24 into the sky over the territorial waters of the Black Sea, which dropped two high-explosive bombs a few meters from the British destroyer. In addition to the Su-24, the Russians have launched a Su-30 fighter into the sky. The British destroyer is HMS Defender.

A high explosive bomb is one that employs a process called “detonation” to rapidly go from an initially high energy molecule to a very low energy molecule. Detonation is distinct from deflagration in that the chemical reaction propagates faster than the speed of sound (often many times faster) in an intense shock wave. Therefore, the pressure wave produced by a high explosive is not significantly increased by confinement as detonation occurs so quickly that the resulting plasma does not expand much before all the explosive material has reacted.

HMS Defender has entered Russian territorial waters near Cape Fiolent in Crimea. The British Ministry of Defense also confirmed the invasion of foreign territorial waters but said that this was not deliberate, but an “innocent” violation of the border. According to the British military, the Russians fired warning shots. However, some experts say the shots fired by the Russians are part of an exercise in the Russian Navy’s Cherno Vore.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a video taken by an unmanned security and reconnaissance drone showing the entry of the British ship HMS Defender and the movement of the Russian Su-30 fighter and supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft Su-24.


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