US defense budget opens up new opportunities and a new war

WASHINGTON, BM – Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, speaking at the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, said that when preparing proposals for the US defense budget, the possibility of new wars was taken into account.

“The Department of Defense must be ready to keep pace with our competitors … and, if necessary, fight and win the next war … not the last,” the Pentagon website quotes the minister as saying.

According to Austin, the budget takes into account the need to pay more and more serious attention to China, in connection with which more than $ 5 billion is planned to be spent on the “Pacific Containment Initiative”.

The minister noted that he “issued an internal directive” aimed at “strengthening the containment of the PRC, revitalizing our network of regional allies and partners, and accelerating the development of advanced capabilities and new operational concepts.”

In addition, Austin named “confronting Russian hostility, especially in cyberspace,” as a priority taken into account in the budgeting.

He said that $ 10 billion will be allocated for cybersecurity, operations in cyberspace, as well as research and development in the field of cybersecurity.

The Pentagon chief also said that “with a focus on space, missile defense … our budget will also help us counter the growing ballistic missile capabilities of countries like North Korea and Iran.”

The budget, according to Austin, includes “investments in hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence, microelectronics, 5G technologies, space-based systems, shipbuilding, and nuclear modernization.”

He noted that it is planned to allocate almost $ 28 billion for the modernization of the nuclear triad and $ 112 billion for research, development, and testing in the field of new weapons.


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