Chinese pilots were ready to shoot at a US plane in 2020: report

BEIJING, BM, ($1=6.46 yuan) – The state-run Chinese media, the Global Times, published a story by a Chinese fighter pilot who was included in a report by the Chinese Air Force on an incident that occurred in 2020. According to the report, a Chinese squadron of Su-30 intercepted and drove “foreign” planes in the area of ​​the South China Sea. The report does not mention the nationality of the “foreign” planes, but analysts say they were American.

Pilot Lu Gen, the leader of a combat air group, said that after receiving a signal for the approach of military reconnaissance planes, he and his colleagues took off to be intercepted. The report mentions that foreign reconnaissance planes approached Chinese airspace and did not change course after receiving a warning from the air squadron.

“This is the PLA Air Force. You are about to enter Chinese airspace. Leave immediately,” were the words in Chinese and English that Lu Gen has repeatedly said of the approaching reconnaissance planes.

According to Lu Gen, the foreign planes did not take seriously the warning to move away from Chinese airspace and began to alternate in air formation. This forced the Chinese pilot and his colleagues to perform a series of maneuvers, with Lu saying that he had hit the target and made an offensive move.

It was these actions that, according to the report, were the reason why the “foreign” planes changed their course and gave up their intention to continue with the reconnaissance actions inside the Chinese airspace, the report said.

Recalling the meeting, Lou said, “If [they] had started the battle, I would have fought. The pilots were ready all the time and there was nothing to hesitate about.”

The Global Times recalls that in the past year in the Pacific and South China Sea, the United States and its allies conducted several exercises, with a total of 35 reconnaissance aircraft involved in the exercise. SCSPI) this year for the same period the United States doubled the presence of spy planes and sent 72 “scouts”.

The Global Times writes that with the disclosure of this report, the international community needs to know more about US actions in the region and how easily an incident can escalate to serious tensions that could cause irreversible consequences.

According to journalist Liu Xuanzun, the report also shows China’s determination to defend its territorial integrity and that it will not submit to an anti-Washington crackdown.


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