Vietnam is preparing to buy between 12 and 24 Su-57 fighters

HANOI, BM, ($1=23000 dong) – According to Russian and Vietnamese media, Russia and Vietnam have reached an agreement to draw up a contract for the purchase of Russian stealth fighters Su-57. The quoted number in the media is between 12 and 24, noting that it will depend on the budget of the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense.

The Vietnamese edition Soha writes that the Su-57 will be completely suitable for the Vietnamese Air Force as it has a powerful radar system, an excellent fire control system, and last but not least – the price of the Su-57 is much more affordable than that of others. fighters of the same class, including the Chinese J-20. According to Vietnamese media, the delivery of Russian fighters could take place in the period 2030-2035.

We remind you that last year the Russian Federation began mass production of the Su-57, and at the end of the year delivered the first mass-produced fighter of the Russian Air Force in the Southern Military District, which is the first line of counteraction against NATO. The Su-57 has flown at least ten battlefields in Syria to assess aerodynamics, avionics, and fire control systems.

The core of the Vietnamese army is made up of Russian weapons and weapon systems. Not surprisingly, the Vietnamese are interested in the Su-57, but the budget is still unclear. The amount of USD 2 billion is circulating in the media to buy 12 Su-57s, which doesn’t make the fighter that cheap. However, Vietnam believes that ordering and delivery in 2030-2035 is the best option, as the budget will be normalized and the country will be able to afford this purchase.


Vietnam will not be the first country to buy a Russian Su-57 fighter jet. According to MenaDefense, Algeria has already placed an order for a package purchase of aircraft from Russia, which includes 14 Su-57E fighters, 14 Su-34 fighter-bomber, and 14 Su-35 multi-barreled fighters. According to the publication, this agreement has already been signed by both parties.

This news is becoming a “hot topic” in the Asian region, especially in Vietnam and India. According to MenaDefense, public opinion is already beginning to spread in India that New Delhi is missing out on a golden opportunity to own a stealth fighter by withdrawing from the FGFA program.

Three problems to solve

In early 2020, Russian engineers and developers of the project experienced difficulties in three areas – stealth technology, engine, and avionics. The Russians solved the problem with the stealth coating, as far as their claims are concerned. Lastly, a Russian journalist posted a video showing the cover being bolted, not riveted. For many people, this may not be a problem, but the bolts emit larger radio frequency bands, and at one point, the stealth effect has already, because the bolts release it to the radar.

The second problem was the engine. The Russians are serious about solving this problem and expect to have a more powerful engine (Izdelie 30) than their competitors in a year. But the engine played a significant role in the refusal of India and China to participate in the project or buy fighters.

The third problem is avionics. The Russians currently advertise the Su-57 as a fighter with an absolute azimuth, i.e., 360-degree sensitive capacity. So far, we know that such technology is integrated only on American F-35 fighters. There is no confirmed information that the Su-57 has a full set of sensitive azimuth sensors. This technology is advanced avionics, and Russian R&D has not yet reached its development. Different messages from different institutes say that they are close to its development, but close does not mean ready.


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