Pressure on Iran failed. US is withdrawing weapons from the Middle East

WASHINGTON, BM – The Joe Biden administration is beginning a process of reducing its combat capabilities in the Middle East. To this end, several Patriot systems and at least one THAAD will be exported from Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. The information was disseminated by the American edition of the Walt Street Journal, citing a source in the US administration.

According to him, the previous US government in the person of Donald Trump failed to exert any pressure on Iran. Despite the deployment of various anti-aircraft weapons systems in the Middle East, increased political and military support for Israel, and the supply of weapons for billions to Saudi Arabia, Iran has not been “scared” and has continued to destabilize the region.

The United States has not officially announced the withdrawal of this military equipment. But the Walt Street Journal said a telephone conversation took place between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In this conversation, the United States informed the royal family about the upcoming changes, which include the reduction of the US Air Force in the country.

There is logic in the actions of the White House. In their inauguration, the United States categorized Russia and China as a major threat to American security and their interests around the world. The withdrawal of these weapons systems and the reduction of physical force in the Middle East will allow the Pentagon to adjust its defense budget, assuming that funds will be redirected to counter the two Asian countries.

“What you are seeing is a redistribution of resources in line with strategic priorities,” a senior US administration official told the Walt Street Journal. “We still have military forces in Iraq and Syria, they are not leaving. We still have bases in the Gulf partner countries – they are not closing, we still have a significant presence,” he said.

The White House is increasingly looking to the Pacific, where China and Russia are also focusing their efforts and interests. A key country there is Taiwan, which has to monitor almost every week for possible airspace violations by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force. Moreover, Chinese exercises are often practiced for the eventual conquest of the island.

In recent years, Taiwan has been a strong partner of the United States in the Pacific and perhaps one of the largest customers of the American defense industry. Some of the deployed US anti-missile systems may be transported and deployed on the island, although such information is only a guess.

At the same time, Russia has managed to develop weapons systems that successfully compete with American ones. One Pentagon report states that the Russians have made significant progress in developing artificial intelligence and electronic warfare systems, and are ahead of the Americans in this area.

Perhaps, for this reason, the White House is concentrating more and more resources on the US space force, which will play a significant role in countering China and Russia in the future. We remind you that very soon from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, NASA will launch two satellites, which in 2022 will begin tests for data transmission via laser beam. These tests will give the Pentagon a major advantage, as it is expected that if the test is successful, US combat and reconnaissance drones will be the first to take advantage of this capability. In this way, communication with radio signals will stop, which means that “hacking” such a drone becomes almost impossible.


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