Japanese-American maneuvers and exercises in the Pacific Ocean

TOKYO, BM, ($1= 109.88 yen) – The Japanese landing ship Shimokita was able to train with US units for two days. In the Philippine Sea, the 8,900-ton displacement ship of the Osumi class joined the Americans to practice various maneuvers and procedures on a bi-national level.

For example, on the first day with the lead ship, the USS America, cross-deck transfers with the tilt-rotor aircraft V-22 Osprey and tactical maneuvers were carried out. An airboat (LCAC) of the USS New Orleans successfully drove into the good deck of the Shimokita, in return, the Japanese LCAC made a detour to the USS Germantown. Finally, the opportunity to take part in the Photex was taken.

The three participating US amphibious ships America, New Orleans, and Germantown belong to Amphibious Squadron 11 (Phibron 11) and are not an unknown sight in the western Pacific. As the 7th US fleet, they are stationed ahead in Sasebo, Japan.

With a length of 178 meters and a width of almost 26 meters, the Japanese Shimokita is an impressive tank landing ship. Up to ten heavy battle tanks and two LCACs can be carried on board, and around 330 soldiers can also be embarked. Two phalanx systems and small-caliber weapons are available onboard for self-defense. The ship built by Mitsui has been available to the Japanese self-defense forces since 2002.

As we reported on June 3 the Chinese navy has significantly improved its capabilities for military operations in the far sea and that the exercise, which is taking place in the Pacific, is a warning to Japan.

Beijing interprets Japan’s actions as hostile and against China’s interests. Liu Xuanzun talks about some exercises in which the Land of the Rising Sun participates with allies and differences on political issues, including the Taiwan issue.


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