Israel struck a Hamas target in the Gaza Strip – sources

TEL AVIV, BM, (1$= 3.24 shekel) – Hamas Radio reported that Israeli Air Force planes attacked a training camp in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, learned citing Interfax.

The Israeli army tweeted the attack, noting that the targets were “camps and meeting places for fighters” where “terrorist activities are taking place.” “The Israeli Defense Forces are preparing for all possible scenarios, including the resumption of hostilities, in the ongoing terrorist operations from the Gaza Strip,” the statement said.

The military also confirmed that its actions were in response to the launch of explosive balloons from the sector. About 20 explosions were registered in the uninhabited territory.

Earlier, Hamas threatened to take action in response to Israel’s nationalist march in East Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, has warned that the government does not intend to tolerate the launch of incendiary balloons and must react in a manner equivalent to the launch of a Hamas rocket.

The current Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip is the first since the ceasefire took effect on May 21 after 11 days of hostilities.

From May 10 to 21, more than 4,000 rockets were fired from Israeli territory over the Gaza Strip. As a result of Israel’s response, more than 250 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed and nearly 2,000 wounded.

In Israel, 12 people were killed in rocket attacks, and about 50 were injured.

The ‘rocket war’ in 2020

In May, Israel and Gaza have exchanged continuous and intense missile attacks. Israel resorted to using its air force and was very close to sending ground troops and heavy armored vehicles and tanks to Gaza. Still, international pressure on Tel Aviv halted this Netanyahu’s decision.

Gaza has tested Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system by subjecting almost all cities in the country to rocket fire. Pro-palestinians units fired three missiles from Syria; several artillery shells were fired from Lebanon. Hamas uses rockets of its production – Qassam. As we wrote earlier, this decision by the Palestinians is strange, as they have much more technologically advanced missiles and more destructive power.

Israel, for its part, defended itself with the Iron Dome air defense system, which intercepted more than 90% of the missiles fired across the country. Tel Aviv carried out several air raids, one of which was impressive – 150 planes, 165 targets, and more than 1,000 bombs in a few hours. Israel has destroyed much of Hamas’ underground tunnels in Gaza, known as the Hamas subway.

Israel says the IDF has killed 120 members of Hamas and more than 20 members of Islamic Jihad. A total of 232 Palestinians were killed, 65 of them minors. However, it is not clear whether this number includes the killed 120 members of Hamas.

What is happening in the area?

The violence began after the focus fell on controversial judicial and political actions over the Palestinian-populated Sheikh Jara district of East Jerusalem. An Israeli court initially ruled that Palestinians should be evicted from the neighborhood and be populated with Israelis. A hearing on the eviction followed, but it never ended last Sunday and was postponed.

On Monday, May 10, Jerusalem was subjected to a brief rocket attack by al-Quds and Hamas with a request on the eviction decision. Israel did not comply with the Palestinians, which led to a retaliatory strike and a rocket fire between the two countries for the second day in a row.

According to a field source, Israel has involved fighter jets and tanks in the conflict, which are hitting 130 targets in the Gaza Strip. These goals are related to the Hamas movement. According to the Israeli authorities, these goals are also associated with terrorist organizations.

The international community welcomes the actions of Israelis and Palestinians, but as statements from both sides make clear, both sides may reach no agreement soon.


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