.357 Magnum is a ‘do it all’ cartridge for hunting and self-defense

PANAGYURISHTE, BM – .357 Magnum is an American patron. It was created at the beginning of the last century and continues to be produced to this day. Smith and Wesson and Winchester are the two companies that began developing it years ago to put it at the forefront of striking efficiency and at the same time one of the safest cartridges to use. It is this cartridge that is the source of the famous “magnum era”.

.357 Magnum is a 'do it all' cartridge for hunting and self-defense
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Depending on its weight, the speed of the .357 Magnum is determined, which is in the range of 440 m / s to 520 m / s. The same condition applies to the energy that the cartridge has and it is in the range from 790 J to 1087 J. .357 Magnum is perhaps the most famous representative of 9mm caliber cartridges.

These features are the key to the excellent performance of the .357 Magnum and its preference over hundreds of other partners for hunting and self-defense. Of course, the .357 Magnum is no more powerful than the .500 Smith and Wesson, but the penetrating power of the .357 Magnum is greater because of the lightweight, small size, and high speed that the cartridge develops during firing. Many hunters describe the Magnum as a fine and light circle for a small to medium game.

You should know that the .357 Magnum inflicts heavy damage. With accurate shooting, you will only need to fire one cartridge without having to play the next one. However, this advantage also has its disadvantages – for example, a large recoil. If you can’t control the recoil of the weapon, especially a rifle loaded with a .357 Magnum, two things will happen – you will not hit the target and you will injure your face, but most likely the wrist with which you press the trigger.

We mentioned above that the .357 Magnum has strong penetration because of its speed. This makes it somewhat unsuitable for use indoors because, in addition to the penetration power, this cartridge emits a lot of noise and a much brighter flash than other cartridges of similar caliber. The possibility of inflicting damage indoors is very high.

And since we talked again about the penetration power, this is a plus and a minus for the cartridge. If you are outside and hunting with a .357 Magnum, the rapid penetration into the body of the game, such as deer, is quick and instantaneous. Elena will not feel the pain or the bullet, and it will reach vital organs. But the .357 Magnum can still penetrate a car’s body, leading to a lot of trouble. In the United States, courts look very differently at people who use a .357 Magnum cartridge for their crime, whether or not there was a death at the time of the crime. The cartridge is dangerous and this must be said because its proper control and use in the right places can save a lot of headaches and save lives.

One of the advantages of the .357 Magnum is its history and proven effectiveness. This makes it desirable to almost anyone, so companies in the United States and around the world that make revolvers and pistols make at least one or two models of pistols or revolvers to use.357 Magnum. I.e. – This cartridge allows for a wide selection of firearms.

.357 Magnum holds the record for the most effective cartridge according to a study by Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow in the 1980s when of all the ammunition tested, only .357 Magnum reached 90% “efficiency in a single shot.” Today, many cartridges can do this and cover these percentages, but it seems to have taken them a long time to catch up .357 Magnum.

As mentioned earlier, a small and medium-sized game can be hit successfully, even with a single shot using a .357 Magnum cartridge. Of course, the .357 Magnum will not kill an elephant, but it will successfully kill a deer, wild boar, or bear. This is exactly the difference between this cartridge and the .500 Smith and Wesson. The Magnum has strong penetrating power, while the .500 cartridge has much more power.

There it is: the .357 Magnum is the real “do it all” handgun cartridge, and has been since 1935. It is powerful, versatile, available, and accurate. It can put venison on the table or defend your life. Anyone armed with a .357 Magnum is well-armed indeed.


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