Is the Bushmaster ACR coming back? The rifle is back on our radar

PANAGYURISHTE, BM – We recently expressed a rather bold opinion – Bushmaster ACR is better than the Russian AK and even speculated that this rifle will be a weapon of the future. And we seem to have pulled the devil by the tail – Remington has decided to stop production of Bushmaster ACR in 2020.

Is the Bushmaster ACR coming back? The rifle is back on our radar
Photo credit: Facebook

At a later stage, the company offered several versions of its new AR assault rifles, but the opinion of the general public in the United States leaves a rather bitter aftertaste – Remington’s AR version isn’t liked.

Quite furious and “salty” comments followed on social networks. Some went to extremes and clearly expressed their opinions. “Come on Bushmaster …. stop showing us your ARs that look like they stepped straight outta 1982 (seriously, we are going for that Miami Vice retro look with those round handguards and Vietnam style stock?). Either ACR or GTFO,” reads one comment on Facebook.

How did the Bushmaster ACR disappear? There is no one answer, but if we combined all of them into one complex answer, it would be the following – perhaps Bushmaster ACR would still exist if the wrong management decisions did not bankrupt Remington Outdoors. And when you might see the end of the Bushmaster brand, at a federal auction for $ 1.7 million. Nevada-based Franklin Armory bought the brand.

And not only. The company acquired everything related to the Bushmaster name – computer models, drawings, and CAD files, as well as the right of the brand for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Some claimed that they had not only acquired the rights to the much-sought-after Bushmaster ACR assault rifle.

Is that so? In March, a photo of the well-known Bushmaster ACR appeared on the Facebook page of a well-known company with a short message – “Soon To Be Perfected …”. The Facebook page belongs to the company Bushmaster Firearms and a quick reference in the trade registers in the USA gives us much more reliable information – Bushmaster Firearms is owned by Franklin Armory.

Thus, the Bushmaster ACR assault rifle reappeared on the radar in the hope of a triumphant return to the civilian firearms market in the United States. Still, even today (June 10), there is no clear information on what exactly consumers will have to expect, especially since the Bushmaster Firerarms website is under construction.

And questions are not missing? For example, will the new owners keep one of the advantages of the assault rifle – its head. Before the Bushmaster, the ACR allowed for quick replacement, as it was designed as a sniper rifle. Also the weight – will the combination of an aluminum alloy at the top and plastic at the bottom of the gun allow it to weigh only nearly 3 kg, or have the new owners envisioned a completely different design? Will the new Bushmaster ACR fire 30 rounds into the magazine again, or less or more?

There are many questions. But fans of the weapon are looking forward to it. Do you know why – it is very effective. Imagine a target at 500 meters. At such a distance, the Bushmaster ACR is so constant, safe, and precise that it depends only on the shooter whether he will hit because the rifle will not let him down.

We left the best for last, but it’s just a rumor. Bushmaster ACR will appear brand new with a slightly changed design but will retain the main characteristics of the rifle when firing. According to the unconfirmed information – the new Bushmaster ACR will be presented by the end of this year. It is good information, but it’s still a rumor!


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