Mobile app drives the infantry armored vehicle Bumerang

MOSCOW, BM, ($1= 72.85 rubles) – The mobile application drives the Russian armored personnel carrier Bumerang. Through it, the vehicle’s crew can move the armored Bumerang forward, backward, turn the weapon tower, aim, monitor the fuel, oil temperature, and more.

Russia unveils Bumerang amphibious vehicle for the first time in India
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Alexander Krasovitsky, CEO of the Military-Industrial Company LLC, announced this information on the RBK TV channel. According to him, Bumerang is the most powerful armored personnel carrier in the Russian armed forces. We remind you that so far the Bumerabg is intended only for domestic use, but most likely Russia will soon offer its foreign customers an export version.

Krasovitsky hinted that a similar steering principle as the Bumerang could at some point be implemented in Russian civilian vehicles.

VPK-7829 Bumerang bases on the Armata platform – the same on which the newest Russian battle tank T-14 is, which should in the future completely replace the obsolete T-72 and T-90. Bumerang is a radically different concept of Russian engineering. Previously, the engines of Soviet and Russian armored personnel carriers were located at the rear, while Bumerang put the engine at the front. In addition to improving the drive of the armored vehicle, today Bumerang has more doors, including side doors for staff.

The staff consists of three people – driver, gunner, and commander. The Bumerang is able to carry up to seven soldiers, who are protecting by ceramic armor. The Bumerang has an 8×8 drive and has a power of 750 hp.

The Russian armored personnel carrier could be armed with a 12.7 mm light machine gun or a 30 mm heavy cannon. Additionally, there are Cornet missiles and an auto-gun. However, the armament of the Boomerang depends on the modifications of the vehicle, which are mainly two.


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