Shame continues: Bayraktar TB-2 ‘burned’ Russian Osa missiles [video]

PANAGYURISHTE, BM, ($1=1.61 BGN) – Isn’t the Turkish drone Bayraktar-TB-2 already causing a “Turkish complex” of Russian weapons? After the flagship of Turkish aeronautical engineering in recent years has handled almost without problems in Libya and Syria with the mobile anti-missile system Paintsir-C1, now another Russian weapon has remained helpless.

Russian media are broadcasting a video showing the launch of two missiles from the Osa anti-aircraft missile system, also produced in Russia. After launching the first rocket, it intercepts the Turkish drone with its thermal sensor and monitors its oncoming movement. And just as the missile expects to strike the drone, it changes course, leaving Bayraktar-TB2 unharmed. Similarly, the same thing happens with the second rocket fired.

Russian media did not say precisely where and during what action the video was shot, but based on the hottest conflict zones at the moment, it is most likely in Syria or Libya. It is not clear when exactly they shot the video, but we assume that it was in the last 24 months.

Military experts explained to why the two missiles did not survive the Turkish drone, despite the successful interception. According to them, the reason is simple – Bayraktar-TB2 has a perfect system for conducting electronic warfare. When the missiles approached the drone at the optimal distance for the systems, they were activated and managed to “burn” the electronics boards in the rocket. This automatically means that the heat radar in the rocket is no longer working, and it has no purpose to pursue.

Thus, in addition to good fire resistance against the Russian Pantsir-C1 system, Bayraktar also proved to have an excellent system for waging electronic warfare. Will this new information, backed by solid evidence, increase demand? Probably because the Turks know what exactly they produced.


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