Sirius XM flew into space, and SpaceX with a perfect landing at night

WASHINGTON, BM – The Sirius XM radio satellite set off on its journey into space after being launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral on June 6th thanks to another Falcon (Falcon 9) by SpaceX – a company of Elon Musk.

Sirius XM flew into space, and SpaceX with a perfect landing at night
Photo credit: The Verge

Despite a 60% chance of favorable weather conditions, the launch took place with success due to remaining clouds from Saturday, at 12:26 EDT (0426 GMT). We remind you that this is the 18th launch of SpaceX this year, three days after the company sent a cargo capsule into space for the International Space Station.

Nine minutes after a successful launch, the carrier returned to land, making a successful landing at night and in the water on one of two SpaceX ships named “Just Read The Instructions” in the Atlantic Ocean.

“We have a touchdown of Falcon 9,” SpaceX’s Jessie Anderson said during the launch of the webcast. “Today marks the 87th overall successful recovery of an orbital class rocket.”

An orange sky lit up the earth again after the launch of SpaceX and the path that the rocket made its way, allowing photographers to capture beautiful views.

We remind you that the rocket booster already has three launches, and the launched radio satellite should replace the obsolete version, which is in space. Maxar Technologies is the company that built the satellite.

The total weight of the payload transported by the rocket and launched into orbit is 7,000 kg. The satellite itself will transmit data and information content with a capacity of 8000 watts and affects subscribers from the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. We remind you that the first Sirius radio satellite was launched into orbit at the end of last year, again by the company of Elon Musk.


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