Chinese Marines received tanks for their landing missions

BEIJING, BM, ($1=6.39 Yuans) – The state-run Global Times reported today, July 3, that the Marine Corps of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had adopted locally manufactured tanks known as Type 15. These tanks are already in service with the People’s Liberation Army’s ground forces, and the world saw them for the first time at the famous military parade two years ago in Beijing.

China Unveils Its Military Power - (Photos)
Photo credit: CCTV

According to the Chinese reporter of the Global Times, Liu Xuanzun Type 15 is suitable for guarding and protecting China’s “high” borders, targeting the Himalayas. The tank, kava he, is ideal for all conditions, is equipped with a powerful engine, and is light, making it highly maneuverable.

From the published material, it is clear that the Marines of the Celestial Empire have already got acquainted in detail with the tank and have “read the instructions.” Liu Xuanzun says it took only a month for Chinese marine lustful people to figure out the tank’s primary operating method.

One of the main reasons for Beijing to decide to arm its marines with a Type 15 tank is its mobility and the ability, in addition to harsh meteorological conditions and geographical terrain, for the tank to operate in current urban conditions. We remind you that according to a source in, the tank already has a baptism of fire, having participated in some combat missions in Yemen. Also, since 2019, Type 15 has been an integral part of military exercises in China.

Liu Xuanzun says the Type 15 is easy to transport by landing craft and transport aircraft. An example is the Chinese transport aircraft Y-20 of the PLA Air Force, which can carry one flight up to two tanks of this model.

We remind you that on June 1, China Central Television (CCTV) announced that the People’s Liberation Army would soon be armed with a mobile anti-aircraft and anti-missile system, which will have two surface-to-air missiles and a 35 mm machine gun. The system closely resembles the Russian Pantsir-C1, as many analysts have noted. According to experts, the new Chinese anti-aircraft system will be a separate combat unit and will support Beijing’s ground military operations and provide cover for air defense.


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