British tanks for $ 5 billion defective two years after delivery

LONDON, BM, ($1=0.71 Pound) – Britain’s ambitious Ajax program, which links to the island’s ground forces in terms of heavily armored combat vehicles, is on the verge of a significant setback, and some say Britain will try to cover it up.

British tanks for $ 5 billion defective two years after delivery
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The new British tanks from the Ajax family, which London bought for $ 5 billion, became a severe defect after not being operated for almost half a year. The Daily Telegraph writes that tanks can no longer move at 50 km / h (32 miles) without, for one reason or another, risking the life and safety of the crew. The British newspaper writes that this information is publishing in a government report.

According to an unnamed source quoted by the British newspaper, the British military leadership “is so confused that it will have to admit that it failed, but it will not do so.”

The problem exists, and the information is accurate. A representative of the MoD of the Kingdom confirmed that a “new project” is currently being implemented with the tank manufacturer. According to him, the work with tanks has been terminated as a “precautionary measure” without giving details of the reasons.

According to information from British military tankers, the new tanks are currently moving at no more than 32 km / h (20 miles), which is too slow and half of the average maximum speed. During the operation of the tanks, the tankers complained of loud noises in the ears and swelling of the joints. All these problems require changing the crew of one tank every hour and a half, which is unacceptable.

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It turns out that the British Ajax has not been exploited since November 2020. According to military experts consulted by, such speed defects are structural and are associated with excessive vibration. This is a serious problem because, in addition to the tank’s speed, its combat capability can be seriously impaired, expressed in the fact that the main gun of the tank cannot produce a shot.

The British expect all tanks ordered in 2014 (589) to be delivered by the end of 2025. The speed problem is worrying, as these tanks were delivered only two years ago, and it is clear that the British did not operate them even at maximum power.

Challenger 2 modernization

The British have long been thinking about equipping the Armed Forces with more powerful tanks. At last, these plans have begun to be implemented: as it became known, the British military will receive almost 150 Challenger 3 tanks.

Britain announced the contract between Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land and the British Ministry of Defense to modernization 148 Challenger 2 main battle tanks to the Challenger 3 level on Friday, May 7. The cost of the agreement is £ 800 million.

In particular, the tank will receive new electronic stuffing, two thermal imaging sights, which own the commander and gunner. The British rifled 120mm L30 cannon will be replaced by the 120 mm smoothbore L55A1 from the German company Rheinmetall. Other improvements include an upgraded engine and the ability to install an active protection complex. The mass of the combat vehicle will be 66 tons.

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Now, in Europe, they are actively working on tank guns of increased power. Last year, the Germans showed the capabilities of a promising 130-mm tank gun mounted on the Challenger 2 or the modernized Leclerc tank that fired more than 200 successful shots. According to the developers, the new weapon is “70 percent more effective” than the existing 120mm NATO tank guns.

The new tank will be a completely new machine, although the creators can use technical solutions previously tested on such machines as the Leopard as mentioned earlier 2. The new tank may see the world around the 2030s.


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