How many Okhotnik stealth drones will fly with the Su-57?

MOSCOW, BM ($1=73,59 rubles) – Russian media claim that the Russian Su-57 fighter will control four Okhotnik S-70 stealth attackers during the flight. A source from the Russian arms industry says so, but the media has not yet named him. “It is assuming that the fighter will carry with him from two to four Hunters,” the source said.

There is no official confirmation of this statement. It is also challenging to find an exact explanation or specification for the capabilities of the Russian S-70 attack drone. We remind you that in 2020 a video was released showing an autonomous flight of a Su-57 with a C-70. Military experts say the two aircraft have similar and connected systems and subsystems.

Speculative claims give between 20 and 25 tons of the total weight of the drone and a speed of up to 1000 km per hour. What will be the armament of the S-70? However, so far has no clear idea. There is no information at what stage the drone tests have reached and the estimated date for possible serial production. Some Russian sources claim that several unmanned aerial vehicles of this model could enter service in the middle of the decade.

Naked Science website in Russia claims that Sukhoi is working on a program to build the Su-57 as a “drone carrier” – the fighter will play the role of a carrier of small unmanned aerial vehicles. It is said that the “cargo” will be more than a dozen drones.

In service in 2021

In 2020, sources claimed that the Okhotnk S-70 would enter service with the Russian aerospace forces this year. Again, however, the source was not named, although he is said to be from the Russian Defense Ministry.

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Asked about such a possibility, Sergei Dronov, the deputy commander-in-chief of Russia’s aerospace forces, did not confirm such a possibility but only said that Okhotnik would use guided ammunition and strike the enemy at strategic depth. However, Sergei Dronov confirmed something publicly assumed – Russian drones are taking part in the fighting in Syria but did not confirm that Okhotnik took part there.

C-70 as an interceptor

Since last year, it has been claimed (Russian sources) that Russia intends to use the S-70 in its role as an interceptor. The reason for such allegations are tests conducted at Valeri Chkalov Airport in the northern part of Akhtubinsk.

According to RIA Novosti, during these tests, Okhotnik S-70 was equipped with air-to-air missiles. But according to a source (again unnamed by RIA Novosti), the S-70 was equipped with missiles with active infrared light and radar-seeking targets during these tests.

According to experts in the field, the payload of the S-70 during these tests shows that Russia is ready to “appoint” new drone functions, namely – interception. The autonomous regime between the C-57 and the C-70 can allow the latter to track or pursue a specific air target and use air-to-air missiles to hit the “enemy” ultimately.


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