Where exactly are the US nuclear weapons located? Just google it

(BM, AMSTERDAM, $1=0,82 euro) – Nuclear weapons are a sensitive topic. The countries that own it are always leading the way in international titles, and their actions regarding the storage of nuclear warheads and bombs are under scrutiny. A revelation by Bellingcat investigative journalists just two days ago calls into question how secretly and securely these weapons are stored?

In reality, such a revelation raises other questions, some of which stand out, such as – with such advanced technology and the use of artificial intelligence in the defense industry, how is it possible for civilian software to reach the location of the US nuclear arsenal in Europe?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s clarify essential parameters – stringent security protocols should follow nuclear weapons storage. According to Bellingcat investigative journalists, they must belong, complex and memorized. To imagine it in your mind, imagine that you need to have a password for your personal email length of 64 characters, letters, and numbers and remember it by heart, changing it every week, and not repeating the characters and letters of the previous password. You do not save it on a piece of paper or your computer. Just remember her.

As you can see, such security will guarantee that your email will not be hacked. The same is true of the Nuclear Weapons Security Protocol, but the military goes through several stages with such complex accesses, unlike your password.

Bellingcat investigative journalists come to the following revelation – US officials responsible for ensuring nuclear weapons security in Europe use visible flashcard training applications. In doing so, they inadvertently uncover several diplomatic security protocols regarding atomic weapons in the United States and the bases in which they are stored.

We know for sure that it has been no secret in recent decades that there are American nuclear weapons in Europe. For one reason or another, this information is public and cannot be hidden by leaking documents or anonymity to any media. However, what was not known until now and was hidden brutally by the military were the military bases themselves in the host countries, which built special bunker facilities to house, for example, the B-61 nuclear bomb.

According to dozens of military and security experts, such a revelation poses a severe threat to Europe’s security, to NATO’s capacity, and allows terrorist organizations to attack these bases.

Bellingcat investigative journalists say that these flashcards were public at one time during this decade and if one knows how one could view them and store the information.

Also, following the logic of the designations of each weapon, it is enough to type in Google the abbreviation for nuclear storage, and you will get more information than you thought.

But suppose you want to read the whole investigation. How the journalists conducted the research and got to the exact locations of the nuclear bombs and their bunkers, in which countries and bases – read the whole detailed investigation of Bellingcat.


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