C4ISR: The US has shown a secret portable intelligence device

WASHINGTON, (BM) – A portable reconnaissance device that appears to have very great potential for data processing, geolocation, and recognition seemed to be “accidentally” shown in a photo of a US Marine military exercise.

C4ISR: The US has shown a secret portable intelligence device
Photo credit: The Drive

The Marines’ deployment often used the Raven exercise as a last resort before sending the infantry on a mission. Earlier in May, the exercise was held in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the shared photos shows a soldier with a backpack on his back and an antenna coming out of it, looking down (most likely at a tablet).

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The exact name of the device in the backpack is not yet known, but military experts say it is a system from the JTWS family (Joint Threat Warning System). One of the first times we heard of such a system was at a deliberate Marine briefing nearly two years ago. According to the available information, this device serves to interception radio signals, geolocation and works in the high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency spectrum. In reality, it can intercept foreign communications within a certain radius during a reconnaissance mission without the use of larger, difficult-to-carry reconnaissance means.

According to Joseph Trevithick, author of The Drive, such a device can track and locate moving targets by displaying the information on a tablet map or other type of monitor. In this way, the combat unit involved in intelligence can determine the exact positions of the enemy forces or locate a specific target.

It assumes that the soldier can autonomously connect such a device to another innovative technology in recent years – reconnaissance drones and augmented reality googles. It seems that the United States has a complete open intelligence structure, which can give not only a clear picture of the studied territory and the location of enemy soldiers but also through an algorithm to calculate the possible movement and relocation of the enemy analyzing its actions.

Such systems are not unknown to the United States or the rest of the world. But seeing the photo of the soldiers involved in the military exercise Raven, it becomes clear that a long navel has passed in developing the so-called systems for Threat Warning, Force Protection, and Situational Awareness toolbox.

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What remains hidden and unknown so far is the real potential of this device. For example, what is its computing power, what intelligence packages does it use, how much data can it process, and in how short a time does it have an electronic warfare system?

Against the background of all these questionnaires, of course, we cannot ignore perhaps the most critical question – does this portable Marine reconnaissance system have integrated artificial intelligence? Most likely, such systems have all this and maybe more. It sounds pretty logical then that this “backpack” should become a mandatory part of all military units of the US Army, not just their Marines.


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