Clashes between Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers, tensions rising

BAKU, YEREVAN, (BM) – Early on May 27, clashes between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops threatened to resume military conflict between the two countries. There captured Armenian soldiers, equipment detained, and set on fire. A Russian media claims that Armenian soldiers killed.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, at 3:00 am on May 27, Armenian troops entered the territory of Azerbaijan in the direction of Yuhari Ayrim, which is on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the region of Kalbajar. The Azerbaijani Ministry has confirmed that six Armenian wars have been captured in connection with this attempt to invade their territory. The Armenian Ministry of Defense also confirmed this information.

Azerbaijan claims that heavy armored vehicles and tanks of the Armenian military are blocked at the border. According to unconfirmed information spread in the Russian media, Armenian military equipment was set on fire and destroyed. Azerbaijan says control of the area is currently under the command of their army.

Russian media claim the opposite

According to some Russian sources, the clashes took place on the territory of Armenia, not Azerbaijan. Aviapro quoted its sources as saying that the Azerbaijani military had attacked Armenian soldiers in the same border area after the latter had tried to build engineering fortifications to ensure border security.

Russian media also claim that there are also killed Armenian soldiers in addition to the captured Armenian soldiers. However, Baku does not confirm this information.

We foresaw a similar scenario

As we wrote a weeks ago, according to the agreement reached between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, a procedure has begun to delineate and define the new border of Azerbaijan. After the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh and the capitulation of Armenia, Azerbaijan gained some settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh, which are already bordering the Armenian-Azerbaijani edge.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, on Wednesday, May 12, Azerbaijani troops engaged in the Azerbaijani border entered Armenia around the border areas of Syunik and Gegharkunik.

According to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, the Azerbaijani soldiers have drawn a new border between the two countries through these actions. On the same day, Armenia’s defense ministry contacted Baku, urging “Azerbaijan to return to its original positions without preconditions.”

What is known so far and confirmed information is that the Azerbaijani military has stopped work on delineating the border because negotiations have begun between the two countries to resolve the issue.

We remind you that the delineation of a new border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is necessary, as seven regions in Nagorno-Karabakh already fall within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and set the new border next to Syunik and Gegharkunik, where the dispute is currently arising.

Russia sent troops

The Armenian newspaper reported on May 16that Moscow has ordered its troops stationed at military bases in Gyumri and Yerevan to deploy urgently along the border with Azerbaijan. These Russian forces are the 102nd Russian military unit currently stationed in Armenia.

According to the Armenian edition, the Russian troops urgently deployed on the virtual borderline due to the threat of attacks by the Azerbaijani authorities.

“Russia’s 102nd military base is transferring troops to the Syunik region of the Republic of Armenia, where the Azerbaijani armed forces have invaded. Pashinyan appealed to Putin for military assistance by the Armenian-Russian bilateral mutual assistance agreement. As the guarantor of Armenia’s security, Russia has supported its ally, but Moscow continues to insist that the issue be resolved through negotiations,” the Armenian newspaper reported.

There is information that periodically, Azerbaijani drones produced in Turkey – Bayraktar 2 appear near the Armenian border. We cannot officially confirm this information.


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