US has found an unexpected combination to win an urban battle

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The latest military exercise of the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army has revealed an almost rejected project that could prove more than helpful. During the Edge 21 exercise, which took place in Utah and means Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise, the US Army fired a drone from a light vehicle.

It turns out that this is the ALTIUS drone, which has already been launched by helicopters and fighters. A photo posted on social media shows the DAGOR light vehicle with pneumatic launch tubes mounted and a sealed torque during the drone launch. The American press assumed that the US military units could launch this type of drone from the ground, but the Army never disclosed details.

The exciting thing in this case, in addition to the drone, is the vehicle. Developed by Polars, DAGOR has lost several opportunities to become part of the US Army infantry. However, the integrated pneumatic launch tubes can turn the scales and revive the Polaris product, giving it new hope for production.

Military experts suggest that the combination between DAGOR and ALTIUS could be profitable. The US military needs to integrate light vehicles that are operational in urban environments, mobile and well-equipped. The Army could increase the integration of pneumatic launch tubes, experts say, giving the United States the ability to launch a swarm of drones.

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The combination of DAGOR and ALTIUS can expand the intelligence capabilities of an army unit, but not only. Launching a swarm of drones, even if they are kamikaze drones, can quickly deal with enemy weapon systems in populated areas, as well as with enemy electronic warfare systems.

This drone carries a variety of payloads

The ALTIUS-600 can be called a multifunctional drone since we have already seen its launch smooth from various carriers. Moreover, the Army can launch this drone from the Common Launch Tube (CLT) from the Reconfigurable Integrated-arms Platform (RIwP).

Its principal function is intelligence. It has dozens of sensors and cameras, which allows even if it is modifying as a kamikaze drone, the pilot can see to the last which target will hit the drone. Its payload is varied, but what is impressive about it is that it can carry warheads.

As the manufacturer does not advertise it, information about him is also scarce, so we think that his secrecy could “get” him into service in the US military. We only know that it can stay in the air for up to 4 hours, has a range of nearly 450 km, and weighs up to 12 kg.

Changed functionality

As mentioned earlier, these tests can help the light vehicle find a new way to manufacture. And here’s the key to success – some experts believe that the mounted pneumatic launch tubes can be modified or replaced to launch a Raytheon AGM-176 Griffin missile.

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Thus, this integration can eliminate much larger enemy weapon systems, even outside the urban environment.

The United States needs something “fast and harmful.” The combination of DAGOR and ALTIUS allows for flexibility and mobility. Both the vehicle and the drone are relatively light in weight compared to their primary purpose. And that opens two more doors for future realization – easy use by the US Marines or the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Whether this “unexpectedly good combination” will find its application and recognition in the US military remains to be seen.


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